DALMAGYAR – The cultural life of Szentz has become more lively

After a process that lasted more than a year, the cellar was reclaimed by the municipality, after it had been rented out for years and the room used for storage. A year ago, the basement was taken over by the Tiszapart Underground Cultural Association, where it is now staging an art exhibition, Two Good Friends. Works by Sándor Horváth and Sándor Szilágyi were exhibited in the space now called the Art Cellar.

Sándor Horváth made the exhibition more significant with his drawings, plaster masks, and wood carvings. As he said, he recently worked on tombstones and totem poles, and brought his older works to the exhibition.

– I am a farm kid, nature has always been close to my heart. I will not be able to draw triangles and spheres. Images of forests, meadows and farms are very dear to my heart, for me they satisfy my spiritual needs – Sándor Szilágyi spoke of his oil paintings.

As confirmed by Mayor Zoltán Szabó, the goal of the organizing association was to make Art Cellar a home for slightly eccentric artists who don’t get a chance in other arenas, or who don’t want to be seen elsewhere. – The essence of this basement has always been somewhere to be a sanctuary where we can see paintings and works and listen to different music than usual. The city manager said: We are helping the association’s work so that in the coming years and decades it can be a place where special people can show what they know on special occasions.

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