Even in what is now the Czech Republic, there were ancient sea crocodiles, according to a new examination and taxonomic classification of the finds kept in the Vienna Museum of Natural History (NHM) for more than a hundred years.

Accordingly, the museum’s fossilized reptile teeth are among the smallest known specimens of the family Metriorhynchidae. In the Jurassic period, such ancient sea crocodiles, which could grow up to seven meters, lived in some parts of the Earth, according to new research, also in the Czech Republic. Acta palintologica paulownica Published in a trade magazine a study.

A collection of artifacts containing various marine excavations arrived at the museum in 1912 from a quarry in the Czech city of Stramberk. It also included two crowns about two centimeters long that were examined by German, Czech, Polish, English and Austrian scholars.

According to the foundation, the teeth belong to the ancient marine reptiles of Archosauria belonging to the family Metriorhynchidae. This is surprising because the sediments in which they are found originated in the post-Jurassic Cretaceous period.

Studies have shown that the finds are the remains of individuals belonging to the genus Plesiosuchus and Torvoneustes. Representatives of these races swam with their limbs turned into buoys in the shallow marine areas of that time. While members of the genus Plesiosuchus hunted other marine reptiles, members of the genus Torvoneustes fed on fish and ammonites.

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