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56 companies are responsible for more than half of plastic waste, and Coca-Cola remains at the forefront

56 companies are responsible for more than half of plastic waste, and Coca-Cola remains at the forefront

According to recent research, there is a direct link between plastic waste and plastic manufacturing, and more than half of the identifiable plastic waste on the planet belongs to 56 companies. Eurekalert writes.

It was published in the journal Science Advances Stady According to the researchers, fast-moving consumer goods companies contribute disproportionately to the problem compared to residential and retail companies. This study is the first robust quantitative measurement of the global relationship between plastic production and pollution.

The research, conducted by scientists from dozens of universities in the United States, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand, Estonia, Chile, Sweden, Canada and the United Kingdom, found that 56 global companies are responsible for more than half of identifiable plastic pollution. . These companies

  • Coca-Cola Company (11 percent)
  • PepsiCo (5%),
  • Nestle (3%),
  • Danone (3%),
  • and Altria/Philip Morris International (2 percent).

The companies identified as polluting the most produce foods, beverages or tobacco products.

The researchers conducted the analysis over five years of data from 1,576 audits in 84 countries. Brand audits are citizen science initiatives in which volunteers conduct waste cleanups and document brands found in collected pollution. Over five years, more than 200,000 volunteers provided data through the Break Free From Plastic or 5 Gyres TrashBlitz program.

The close relationship between plastic production and pollution in different geographical areas and in very different waste management systems indicates this

Reducing plastic production in the fast-growing consumer goods sector could be a viable solution to reduce global plastic pollution.

“When I first saw the connection between plastic production and environmental pollution, I was shocked. This means that small and large manufacturers alike are polluting one after another, despite the fact that big brands say they are doing something about pollution. Despite their efforts, we “On the other hand, it gives hope that fast-moving consumer goods companies that reduce their plastic production and shift to more durable, reusable products will have a strong positive impact on the impact,” said Wayne Koger, director of research at the Moore Institute. Environment.” For plastic pollution research.

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