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Here's what you need to know about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Here's what you need to know about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The release of the remake is already ready, and Nintendo is preparing us for it with an exciting trailer. The main features of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door are demonstrated in the video.

It all starts with Princess Peach inviting Mario to travel to Rogueport and find a mysterious treasure. After the girl is kidnapped by the X-Nauts, the brave plumber must rescue her, but in some levels you can also control Peach herself. The paper body allows many feats: we can pass through narrow alleys, we can transform into a kite, which can be used to bridge long distances.

Timing-based combat remains the same, and Mario can choose different badges that give him new abilities. Unlike the original Gamecube version, some new features have also been included, for example, you can change team members with the press of a button during combat – previously you had to enter the menu every time for this. We also get a new badge called Nostalgic Tunes, which switches the game from remixed tracks to the original soundtrack.

There are also some new NPCs appearing in Rogueport that will help you in one way or another in the adventure. There is a Toad Battle Master who gives us many tips for battles and opens a battlefield for us to practice all attacks. You can find Ian Foomus in the Trouble Center, who will give you tips on how to complete side quests for a small fee. Goombella will be similarly useful, but her language will only appear once you press a button. In addition, new music tracks and concept drawings can be found in the Sound and Art Galleries menu item.

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The remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 23.

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