Due to sexual insanity, transsexuals win women's competitions

Due to sexual insanity, transsexuals win women’s competitions

On his first day in office, Joe Biden, the Democratic president of the United States, signed an astonishing number of decrees, many of which overturned and rescinded Trump’s previous rulings, but also focused aggressively on the man’s cause.

TV news as well I mentioned thatThat in addition to providing neutral toilets and changing rooms in public institutions, Joe Biden also put it on paper in order to eliminate gender discrimination,That transgender athletes could participate in women’s competitions in various sporting events, making it impossible for biological women to succeed.

Christina Holcom, legal advisor to the Alliance to Protect Freedom, told Newsmax TV that she represents four brave female athletes in Connecticut, with two transgender and bioactive men winning 15 championships from their female opponents in the last three years. .

Former Washington Attorney General Joe Degenova also found respectable Joe Biden law scandalous.

“This is a complete impossibility, transgender athletes should not be allowed to compete against young women. If they want to allow transgender people to compete, they have to compete against other transgender people, not against young women. This is not only unfair, it goes against the laws of nature. They are physiologically organized differently, and their muscles are stronger and bigger. “

A Newsmax guest adds, for decades women have struggled to get the same opportunities in the sports world as men. However, the current ruling nullifies all this effort.

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