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Mark Lakatos was invited to return to RTL, and he said no without thinking

Mark Lakatos was invited to return to RTL, and he said no without thinking

Two years ago, RTL announced in a statement Locksmith Mark No longer a member breakfast His team. The unexpected decision surprised not only the viewers, but also the designer, who nevertheless tried to bid farewell to the crew and viewers in a dignified way. Mark celebrated his 49th birthday not long ago, when he was waiting for questions from his followers on his Instagram story, available for 24 hours. At that time, he thought for a long time about the reason for his expulsion from the channel.

Photo: Burton Szabolcs

I think more and more that the problem with me was that my face was too big… Even the major liberal channel RTL had a big problem with the fact that I had completely detached, one might say harsh, opinions about things, for example. Policy. It is very common in our small country for a TV channel to express an opposing opinion and be oppositional, if someone did the same with their beard and skin, it might not be appropriate. Of course, you can't admit it, all kinds of explanations went wrong, and they didn't actually say anything, but I'm pretty sure that's the reason in my case– explained Mark, who also revealed that he only wants to appear in shows where he can recognize him.

Now he mentioned another piece of news On his Instagram story. As it turns out, the channel approached him, but he told them no without thinking.

I'm very proud of myself, imagine that a little woman from RTL very kindly called me today and asked me to participate in some program, which I don't know what it's about, because I didn't really remember it. I think it was led by Balazs and Gianni Vadon a long time ago, and it's bullshit that if your place doesn't fit, they throw you in the pool“, said the designer, then continued:

Imagine that I was able to say no to him without thinking, and for me this is a big step, because for a long time I had in my mind that if I did not commit to something, what would happen, would they call? I? In addition, I am no longer a permanent presenter on RTL, it is true that I appear in a program here and there, but I can also say that I would have missed it. However, I thought I didn't miss it, and I didn't want to jump in the pool. I don't know who the host will be, maybe it was Majka or Giuseppe Papai… Anyway, I said: “Children, this is very nice, but I don't think it's for me.” Well, what did you say? Are you proud?

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