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What do you think is the best place in Southern Transdanubia in 2024?

What do you think is the best place in Southern Transdanubia in 2024?

In 2019, 444 first published its highly successful guide, the 444 Good Places in Hungary guide. This year, we're completely revamping, rewriting and republishing the volume, which reveals the best places in this country, from main houses to castle hotels, from beaches to hiking trails.

The guide is divided into 8 chapters, with 8 areas that we believe can be practically covered in a few days, from northern Transdanubia to the great southern plain.

We've been searching for the best places in the country for some time now, but we're sure our readers can still tell us something new. Let's take southern Transdanubia, which in our book would be roughly the provinces of Tolna and Baranja, plus part of Somogyi a little further away from Lake Balaton:

Here are Villány and Szekszard, Zseliceg and Ormansac, Meksek and the Somogyi Hills, and of course everyone's favorite Hungarian city, Pécs. What's a good place you think is in southern Transdanubia that we should definitely check out in person?

A cozy pub known only to locals? The most peaceful village in the world? A particularly comfortable and enjoyable stay? Or anything else? the

[email protected]

We are waiting for your advice in The topic should be “South Transdanubia”.

Among the book of letters we will draw 10 pieces from the book 444 Good Places in Hungary. Thank you very much in advance for the best advice!

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