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15 seconds and you will see a beautiful woman. Why are our brains so gullible?

15 seconds and you will see a beautiful woman.  Why are our brains so gullible?

In today's article, I've collected seven amazing illusions that are likely to blow your mind.

Some seem simply unbelievable and impossible, but science says otherwise.

Illusion No. 1: Girl – beast or beauty?

Set a timer for 15 seconds and keep your eyes on the spot on the tip of her nose. When the time is up, turn your gaze to the empty white area on the right. Then you will see the colorful face of a beautiful girl!

Optical illusions 026

If we look at a certain color for a long time, we stimulate cells sensitive to that color. When we shift our gaze to a neutral background, the opposite effect occurs, where cell activity suddenly decreases and we see the opposite color.

Illusion #2: Overlapping squares. or not?

At first glance, it seems clear that circles made up of overlapping squares. But this is not so. What would happen if we connected the squares with a pencil?

Optical illusions 025Optical illusions 025
Optical illusions 024Optical illusions 024

No interference! Here is a similar illusion with lines. The colors are defined as if the lines were unevenly spaced. But take a ruler and measure that it is actually perfectly straight!

Optical illusions 023Optical illusions 023

Illusion #3: Non-existent movement.

You might think these are GIFs. The lemon moves, the gears turn, and the star shakes. But these are just drawings! So why does our brain see it moving?

Be careful while looking at these pictures. It can easily cause dizziness.

Optical illusions 022Optical illusions 022
Optical illusions 021Optical illusions 021
Optical illusions 020Optical illusions 020

Different colored spots, which are placed in a special way, do not provoke nerve reactions in the cerebral cortex, but sequentially. This is how the illusion of immobility is created.

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Fourth illusion: color does not exist!

These examples focus on color illusions. Here is a drawing with balls. The balls appear to be of different colours. but not! All balls have the same color.

Optical illusions 019Optical illusions 019

This picture is black and white. But because of the drawn lines, our brain assigns different colors to objects. For example, I see a girl's jacket in blue. But someone else sees a completely different color!

Optical illusions 018Optical illusions 018

Remember when everyone was obsessed with the color of this dress a few years ago? Some people saw a white and gold dress, others black and blue. How is this possible? You can ask. The actual color of this dress can be seen in the middle of the photo!

Optical illusions 017Optical illusions 017

Illusion #5: The Ames Room Illusion.

This illusion was invented by ophthalmologist Albert Ames. The secret is that the room is not actually a rectangle, but a trapezoid. But because of the squares, we consider the room to be rectangular. Squares aren't squares anyway 🙂

Optical illusions 016Optical illusions 016
Optical illusions 014Optical illusions 014

Illusion No. 6: “Satan's Thorn” and other impossible figures.

The first of these shapes was invented by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard. This artistic direction has a separate name: impossible art. One of the most famous impossible figures is the Devil's Thorn. The three branches on one side of the body become two branches on the lower part of the body.

Optical illusions 013Optical illusions 013

Another famous object is the Penrose triangle. Each cube in itself is actually possible, but this object as a whole is not.

Optical illusions 012Optical illusions 012

Below are some amazing works of impossible art.

Optical illusions 011Optical illusions 011
Endless ladder.
Optical illusions 010Optical illusions 010
Which piece of wood is on top?

Although our brain is a very complex mechanism, it is very easy to fool it. This is because the brain itself does not see anything, it only processes the information that comes through our eyes. Sometimes our eyes see strange things that the brain cannot process. This is how illusions are created.

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