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“I don't want Szilard's body to be lowered from Mount Everest.”

“I don't want Szilard's body to be lowered from Mount Everest.”

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Although the Nepalese authorities said that the Sherpas would soon set off to clean Mount Everest of waste, and if they found it, they would drop the bodies of the unfortunate climbers, Suhajda Szilard's wife said she did not want that.

“I do not want Szilard's body to be lowered from the summit of Everest, this is my personal determination and decision. There are several reasons behind this. On the one hand, his body was not found during the search. On the other hand, such a research expedition is very difficult, and those who try to “They may be putting themselves in danger.” He told Blake Widow of the ill-fated climber.

Timea Legende According to him, it rarely happens that family members try to bring down the body of a mountaineer, and according to him, it is not necessary to disturb the body of the person who died there.

Suhajda Szilárd died last May during the attack on Mount Everest. The Hungarian climber attempted to climb without an oxygen bottle on May 24, but continued climbing even after the deadline to return passed. Then, at an altitude of about 8,700 metres, his satellite phone was no longer receiving the signal. On May 26, a search team consisting of the best mountain guides from Nepal set out to search for him at dawn, but despite all their efforts, they were unable to find him.

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