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Sujubarti Herrick – There will be another fisherman football trophy

Sujubarti Herrick – There will be another fisherman football trophy

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xxv. FitoHorm Autóház fish juice cup

Football tournament with artificial turf open 2023.

Organizing the event:

the event Starts on Tuesday, July 4, 2023 and 2023. Ends Friday, July 7th.

Championship siteVasvári P.utca ARTIFICIAL SOCCER CENTER

event referralFirst place: 40,000 Swiss francs, a trophy, a medal

secondly. Put 30,000 Hungarian forints, a cup, a medal

Third. Place 20,000 forints, cup, medal

Arch. Put 10,000 HUF

highest score

Determine the location of the tournament:

The order is determined according to the rules of the game.

The tournament ranking is determined by the total points gained in matches.

3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss.

If the same degree is present, it will decide the following order:

-. goal difference

-. More goals scored

-. Points difference between matches played against each other

-. Goal difference in matches played against each other

– Draw in the case of perfect equality

From groups 1-2. Placers progress.

Direct elimination system after group matches (in case of a tie, 3 penalty kicks)

Other provisions:

Playground size: 20 x 40 m

Gates size: 2 x 3 m

– Vestibule Gate: 6 m

Penalty point: 7 m

Disciplinary: 2 minutes and the final confrontation with substitution (5 minutes), a consecutive red card

Suspended, he could no longer play in the remaining matches of the tournament!

– Number of players: 1 + 5 players and 6 substitutes (12 players can be named)

Playing time: 2 x 15 minutes

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Ball sizes: adults: 5

Free kick: The classroom wall can stand 4 meters away

Heel Kick: Yes

– Throw-in: Throw the ball from behind the sideline with your feet only within a maximum of 4 seconds

It must be run indoors, the 4 meter rule applies

– There is also a goalkeeper’s corner

– Sliding installation is not allowed

– If the ball crosses the base line of an opposing player, the goalkeeper has the ball

– You can throw it outside the penalty area up to the halfway line.

Unlimited number of verified players

– A player sent off with an instant red card cannot play in subsequent matches of the tournament.

Only recreational shoes or artificial turf shoes are allowed on artificial turf pitches! traditional

Sharp rubber or cushioned shoes are prohibited!

Registration deadline: June 30, 2023. 6 p.m. Entry is only valid if payment is made!

entry fee: 25,000 HUF for the team

Technical meeting: June 30, 2023, at 6 p.m

More information about the tournament:

Zoltan Miklos: +36 20387-8190

Dated: Baja 09 June 2023

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