The LMP will hold a referendum because, according to them, the government often takes advantage and prioritizes investments that suit it.

On February 1, the National Election Commission approved the LMP's referendum initiative, which could cancel the referendum. Construction law The part related to the regulation of priority investments The LMP initiative was later attacked by many people in Korea, including the Ministry of Construction and Transport led by János Lazar.

Antal Chardy, deputy leader of the LMP faction, reported on Thursday that Correa had decided on this matter, indicating that a referendum could be held on whether Parliament should repeal the part of the architectural law related to priority investments.

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According to Korea's position, the issue of the referendum does not apply to the budget, and therefore there is no obstacle to holding a referendum on the issue. There is no violation of voter clarity either, because the question proposed for the referendum can be answered clearly by a voter with average knowledge.

the RTL News The Ministry of Construction and Transport wrote in response to his request: “Following the decision of the Supreme Court, we have a constitutional complaint and will appeal to the Constitutional Court. It is in Hungary’s strategic interest to maintain the rules of the Hungarian Architecture Code regarding priority investments. The procedure followed in other countries also ensures that we will not suffer Unacceptable harm to investment-stimulating competition between countries in the region.

The referendum question submitted by the LMP states: “Do you agree with Parliament repealing Subtitle 42 of Law C of 2023 on Hungarian Architecture, which sets out the rules for priority investments?”

The party wants people to ask about this because they believe that the government often misuses the opportunity and prioritizes investments that suit it. The LMP previously announced that the signatures required for the referendum would be collected one month after the June 9 elections.

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