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This is where the Titanic steel monument sank

This is where the Titanic steel monument sank

Thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth, we can see historical sites from a completely different perspective.

There are usually some images of an important or prominent historical site or geographical point that we constantly see in columns from different media or just circulated on the Internet, but we certainly cannot combine them into a larger group. Buckingham Palace, for example, is a regularly recurring motif when commemorating the British royal family, and the palace is usually pictured from the outside with the main gate.

But did you know that there is actually a giant big garden behind the palace?

This is the famous Palace of Versailles, located in a stunningly ramshackle park next to Paris. But you can even view Area 51 from above with services.

But the sites of other famous historical events can also be viewed using Google, and while the site of the sinking of the largest ship in the world at the time was less exciting, it is still interesting to see how far the Titanic came from England. Tragedy could have taken place on the high seas, where Leonardo DiCaprio may have fallen into a grave in the multiple Oscar-winning on-screen movie.

The non-commissioned officer Now he has put together a very good collection showing us famous historical sites. The Titanic, for example, had already ended most of its voyage when the tragedy struck, and here it was able to reach the deadly iceberg.

Smart test: in what year did the Titanic sink?  You'll be surprised by the answer, you know you didn't mean it

Smart test: in what year did the Titanic sink? You’ll be surprised by the answer, you know you didn’t mean it

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Cover photo: Profimedia – illustration

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