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Some of Samsung's popular mid-range phones are slowly becoming outdated

Some of Samsung's popular mid-range phones are slowly becoming outdated

The Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52 5G phones released in March 2021 (as well as the A72) debuted even before Samsung expanded support for their devices, which means they will receive updates less often compared to newer models, and therefore will be considered obsolete in time. closer. . Although the Galaxy A52s arrived a little late, the same applies to it.

Samsung is already promising 4 version updates and 5 years of security support for its latest mid-range phones, and members of the Galaxy S24 series will be updated for a longer period, for 7 years, and will also receive the 7 major version updates. However, for the models mentioned in the introduction, they promised “only” 3 major Android versions and a total of 4 years of support.

Popular midrange phones launched with Android 11 in 2021, which means Android 14 was their last major update, and Android 15 will no longer be available. Minor security fixes are still coming, but will also end in March 2015 for the A52, A52 5G, and A72.

  • Note: There is conflicting information about Galaxy A72 support. According to the manufacturer's original announcement, it's the same as the A52, i.e. 3 major version updates and 4 years of security support. Accordingly, he will no longer have Android 15, although there are places where it is written that it exists. There's a good chance it's a bug, it appeared incorrectly in one article, then others took over, but we don't know for sure yet.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

The Galaxy A52s, which debuted in August 2021, is in a similar position to the original A52, as it will end its run with Android 14, but will receive minor updates half a year longer than its counterparts.

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Regardless of this, of course, it will still be possible to use mobile phones, but next year they will become obsolete from a security point of view, which means you can slowly think about replacing them.

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