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This is the real reason Aaron Molnar left our little village: he's just revealed the reason – Najm Hazai

This is the real reason Aaron Molnar left our little village: he's just revealed the reason – Najm Hazai

Aaron Molnar In 2020, he left the hit series A mi kis falunk, and only now has he revealed the real reason for his decision and the fact that there is a dispute in the background.

That's why Aron Molnar left our small village

In 2020, the actor who played Matty in the hit RTL series stated that, among other reasons, he had decided to resign after four years in order to devote more time to the Al Noor movement (he announced in April this year that he would be taking a break for some time – Add editor).

Upon exiting the series, he also stated that he began to feel that his character was no longer developing. However, now, Peter Gizetti said on I Give My Day that in addition to that, there was also a strong struggle behind his departure.

– I have never decided at any point in my life that I would rather turn a blind eye and accept it. Watch the story of our little village, when Captain Ivan and I dusted it off – quoted from eyelash Aaron Molnar.

It turned out that he, along with ten of his colleagues, submitted a multi-point application to the director. The actors requested separate bathrooms and dressing rooms, better working conditions, and a predictable production plan, but after these did not materialize and his colleagues backed out, he decided to leave the series.

– I am a red flag in many situations – said the actor to Péter Geszti's question about whether he is not afraid not to be contacted because of this behavior in the future.

Cover image: RTL

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