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Scientists explain why some people see ghosts

Scientists explain why some people see ghosts

July 17, 2023 – 12:20 PM

There are many known cases when people were sure they had seen a ghost. Science looks at things from a different perspective, and accordingly, ghosts do not exist – she says opcake.

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Experts revealed what’s really going on. However, these are related to the mental and physical side of a person, and have nothing to do with any paranormal phenomena.

sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is one of the most common phenomena that causes people to believe they are seeing ghosts. Although doctors don’t know exactly what’s happening to us at that moment, they hypothesize that it happens when a person enters REM sleep, during which their dreams are likely to be most vivid. People with sleep paralysis feel as if something is pressing on their chest, and they may also experience hallucinations.

According to Dan Dennis, an expert at the University of York in England, there are three types of hallucinations.

“The first consists of a sense of the presence of evil in the room, which can be manifested by a realistic idea of ​​an actual intruder. The second type often occurs in conjunction with the first, accompanied by sensations of chest pressure and suffocation. The third category includes hallucinations that do not usually occur in the other two categories, and consists of experiences Illusion of movement, like floating over a bed.”

– It is to explain.


There is a connection between ghost sightings and poor air quality. Toxic germs have been shown to cause mood swings, irrational anger, and even cognitive impairment if exposed for a long time.

“The experiences described in many paranormal phenomena are similar to the mental or neurological symptoms experienced by people exposed to toxic molds.”

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