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Sandor Nozali is single, sent a message to Jakub Zoli

Sandor Nozali is single, sent a message to Jakub Zoli

Sandor NozaliNagy Ő’s ex, broke up about a year ago, and has been dealing with pole dancing and teaching fitness With Ursolia PalTheir relationship became official three years ago. At first, it seemed that the charming tennis coach had finally found the woman he had always been waiting for. He almost thrived and really enjoyed the role of surrogate father. He also had 3 minor children with his love. Not only did the initial attraction but their sporting past also help them support each other, but it didn’t happen that way and they eventually broke up.

Sandor Nozali is currently strengthening the singles camp (Photo: Gabor Marković)

Noszály appeared on Andrássy út at a huge event called Model’s Night on Friday night. He told Bors that he currently lives alone, but this also has its own charm.

– I am currently single, single, as they say in tennis. I love having a partner by my side, but I can also enjoy this situation in life. I have always sought the Great God, but it is a very difficult pursuit. If I remember correctly, Peter Popper said that attraction and attachment should occur on four levels. One is the intellectual level, the other is the economic level, the third is the spiritual level, and last but not least, exciting sexual attraction is what is still very important. Sandor Nozali told Borz.

Send a message to Zoltan Jakob

On 9 September 2003, at the age of 20, Nagy Ő, a TV2 matchmaking programme, started in Hungary: in the first season, Sándor Noszály was the main character. The athlete was only 31 years old at the time, and according to the show’s makers, he also met other expectations of the production. According to the statement at the time, he was “rich, handsome, intelligent, witty, humble and single.” The man had previously been in a relationship for several years and also had a five-month-old daughter who lived with her mother. . However, according to Nozali, he had never fallen in love before, so he was looking forward to the show in which twenty-five women tried to seduce him.

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As of Monday, the country’s king of nails, Zoltan Jakob, is waiting for the same thing, and Nozalé took the opportunity to send a message to the florist!

– I think the most important thing is for Zuli to give himself, there can be no problem. It is another matter that when you know that a recording is being made, it is often difficult to act normally

Sandor Nozali summarized his experiences.

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