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Index – Culture – The epidemic has badly passed the new matrix

Index – Culture – The epidemic has badly passed the new matrix

The first part of The Matrix, written and directed by the Wachowski brothers, was presented in 1999. The hero of the story was a man named Thomas Anderson who worked at a large computer company during the day and hacked under the name Neo at night. In science fiction, the man played by Keanu Reeves realizes that he is living his daily life in a simulation, and in fact, humanity is forced into hiding by extremely unfriendly machine monsters. In 2003, the sequels Matrix – Reloaded and Matrix – Revolutions were presented, which closed the story.

That’s why news of the arrival of the Matrix Resurrections shocked everyone, as viewers believed Neo was dead after the concluding part of the trilogy. Of course, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss, who plays Trinity, return in the film, but for some reason Morpheus is assigned to younger actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, instead of Laurence Fishburne. One of the biggest puzzles of the Matrix 4 game is what might happen to a character,

Some say the original Morpheus has been superseded because the man died in Matrix Online. And the video game is canon.

The new matrix will be revealed in cinemas in Hungary on December 22, in countries where HBO Max is already available, and will air on the same day. Filming began in San Francisco in February 2020, but the cameras closed in March due to the coronavirus outbreak. And this, according to a recent interview, caused a serious personnel crisis.

The Battle of the Thrones and former Daredevil actress Jessica Henwick, who will play a new character named Bugs in The Matrix – Resurrections, told the Collider how challenging filming the movie was and that the lengthy outage caused by pandemic director Lana turned Wachowski about not finishing Matrix 4:

I was under tremendous pressure because the Matrix shooting and fighting scenes are vital. Among the original films, these snippets remained my best, which I was afraid to perform. The presence of Keanu Reeves also “aggravated” the situation, since he is the same John Wick. He really knows what he’s doing. I gave my all, I trained hard while filming as well. We were off for three months due to the coronavirus pandemic, but I didn’t neglect training during that time either, even though we didn’t know what the future held. We weren’t sure we’d ever come back

The actress, who also added that after a while, Lana Wachowski started to fidget that Matrix 4 might not be complete.

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That might be the case, Lana said, and we won’t be back and we won’t be shooting the rest of the movie. Perhaps the new matrix will go down in movie history like a legendary movie that was never made, so no one can see it. We all told him we had to finish, and there was no other way. On the other hand, seriously consider the possibility of writing it this way. I was stubborn the whole time and an optimist, telling myself that my Matrix adventure couldn’t end like this!

Jessica Henwick added.

Lana Wachowski’s brother alone has done The Matrix Resurrections. Lily is no longer because the idea for the new movie came to Lana when their parents went missing, and because of the production, the creative professional didn’t commit to tearing apart the wounds inflicted by the mourning. Lilly Wachowski already believes that The Matrix is ​​a closed project that she believes should not be disabled.

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