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Pointer – Sports – Bencé Halasz has one shot: he will be in the hammer throw World Cup final!

Pointer – Sports – Bencé Halasz has one shot: he will be in the hammer throw World Cup final!

Spaniard Alvaro Martin won the first final of the World Championships in Athletics in Budapest, the men’s 20-kilometer walk, the start of which was postponed by two hours compared to the schedule due to unfavorable morning weather and heavy rain. Bence Halasz, the eldest of hosts Hungary and, in view of the balance of power, the only real hope for a medal, secured his place in the final on Sunday with his first attempt in the hammer throw heats.

However, the competitors, 50 infantrymen from 28 countries, had already gathered at the starting site, Hoseok Square, and had begun to warm up, but were forced to seek cover in the pitched tents, due to heavy rain pouring down on the city centre.

It started raining even at the start, then stopped during the race, but the sweltering wet ground and around 20°C awaited the contenders – including Máté Helebrandt, the only Hungarian to finish fifth at the 2017 World Championships in London – in a part of the Andrássy built With the participation of a one-kilometer circuit.

Shortly after the start, Japan’s Koki Ikeda took the lead,

And dictate the pace, and then the field split in two, with the Hungarian infantry arriving in second place.

Ikeda was able to continually increase his advantage over the distance, but never gained much distance. However, by the 15-kilometer mark, he had completely exhausted his strength, so the pursuers not only approached him, but also left him far behind. By then, there were no longer two groups walking the field, but the infantry had arrived even more divided.

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After the Japanese Spaniard Martin took the leadwho closely followed him Brazilian Caio Bonfimand then join the latter Swedish Perseus Karlstrom also. However, they were unable to overtake the European champions in the event, which took place in Berlin in 2018 and then in Munich in 2021.

Hungarian star Mate Heilbrandt finished 23rd, breaking his own personal record.

The 34-year-old Hungarian pedestrian told M4 Sport, which broadcasts the World Cup, that he is very happy with his position, and even more so with the time result. This time, Máté Helebrandt finished in 1:21:16 hours, and his previous peak of 1:22:14 hours was achieved in March 2022.

For a long time we prepared for a longer distance, 35km, and then in May we had the feeling we should focus on 20km. Since then, this has been precisely the focus. After knowing the result, I am very happy that we made this decision. I won’t forget this climax for a very long time, it was great to compete in such an atmosphere in front of the host’s audience.

Heilbrandt added: The delay didn’t bother him, and no one could do anything about it, but knowing that he was two hours late, improving his personal record by one minute is especially valuable to him.

The morning qualifying program at the main venue of the World Cup, the National Center for Athletics, was postponed for an hour, and despite the lack of a favorable atmosphere for spectators and sports, about 16-17 thousand fans came out and created a fun atmosphere. .

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Halas reached the final on Sunday with his first throw

From a Hungarian point of view, among Saturday morning’s heats, the men’s hammer throw stood out, in the first group of the field With Bence Halasz, with the hosts’ first medal hope. The weather showed a more friendly face already at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the clouds cleared, the rain came with them, the sun shone, so the wetter air caused additional difficulties for the athletes. But not for Hungarian athletes!

At first glance, Halas easily accomplished the task of the day: he reached the final with a throw of 78.13 meters.

The Hungarian hammer thrower’s individual record is 80.92 metres, and her best this year is 78.27 metres. The immediate entry into the final was 77 metres.

Apart from Halász, other key members of Group A, Canadian Ethan Katzberg (81.18m) and Polish excel, Wojciech Nowicki (78.04m), had plenty of trouble getting ahead on the straightaway. Competitors ranked in Group AB – including two other Hungarians, Raba Daniel And Varga Donna They start at 2:45 p.m.

The final of the issue will be held on Sunday from 17:49.

Results, WC, Men’s 20 km walk:

1. Alvaro Martin (Spain) 1:17:32
2. Perseus Carlstrom (Sweden) 1:17:39
3. Caio Bonfim (Brazil) 1:17:47
… 23. Hillebrandt Matthew 1:21:16