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After cloudy weather – plant protection forecast week 25

After cloudy weather – plant protection forecast week 25

After June 8, more or less rain fell across the country, and in some places the amount exceeded the two-month average. The relative humidity of the air was very high, which led to the emergence and spread of diseases.

Aphids continue to play an important role in shaping the state of plant health in almost all plant cultures, because in addition to their direct damage, they contribute significantly to the spread of viral and phytoplasma diseases.

There are still many winged aphids, so the number of fresh colonies is constantly growing.

Apples and pears quickly become infected with scab, and the percentage of peeled fruits on trees in home gardens reaches 15-20%. After rainy days, an infestation of powdery mildew is to be expected, although the percentage of affected buds is already high. Intensive protection against both pathogens is recommended. Colletotrichum leaf spot appeared on some susceptible cultivars. Apple moths reproduce constantly, and the number of moths trapped varies from farm to farm.

Previously infected fruits are beginning to fall off, but there is also a lot of normal fruit thinning.

Of the stone fruits, cherries ripen, and the fruits crack due to rains. The cherry fly multiplies continuously, but weakly, and the fruits wither from the previous infection already, but due to ripening it is no longer possible to protect them. Monilia fruit appeared immediately on the affected fruits, so there are many rotten, mummified fruits. The presence of stigma leaf disease is very strong, but only immature plants can be sprayed. The aphid infestation is also strong, and the ends of the peach buds are damaged by the oriental fruit moth.

Leaves infected with taphrina continue to fall, and new, healthy leaves sprout, but this takes significant energy away from crop growth.

Bacterial spots have appeared on the leaves and fruits of walnut trees, but gnomonia is also expected. Preparations containing copper are effective against both pathogens.

In vineyards, there is a very high risk of powdery mildew, downy mildew, and black mold infection, as weather conditions favor all three diseases. Because of the flowering of grapes, there is also a high chance of botrytis infection in mass start-ups, so preventative protection should be prioritized. Most of the larvae of the American cicada vine1 degrees, but L.2The percentage of larvae was 25%. The optimal time for defense will soon come.

Damage from slugs, especially Spanish snails, is increasing in home gardens. In addition to the adults, there are many recently hatched young snails like these

You have to prepare for a long struggle.

All defenses must be used to mitigate critical damage.

You can read detailed forecasts for plant protection on the website

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