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Perhaps Electronic Arts is directing Motive down the wrong path

Perhaps Electronic Arts is directing Motive down the wrong path

Dead Space Remake was a success, but it's possible the studio was aiming for the wrong thing…

The 2008 game has been properly ported to the 2023 standard, giving Isaac Clarke's story a more dynamic and advanced set of game mechanics. However, after the success, the question is legitimate: will the second part of Dead Space now be remade? While this may be beneficial to fans, Motive, the game's developer, will eventually go out of business. The game was released at the beginning of the year, so it was quickly forgotten by some (for example, Resident Evil 4 Remake, similar to the genre, took the spotlight), and in 2023 we have seen many excellent works. For example, there was also Baldur's Gate #3…

But let's not forget that Dead Space 3 was a huge failure, because Electronic Arts called the game Call of Duty, and then shut down the development team (Visceral Games) for a few years. The remake may follow a similar path, but Dead Space 2's case is different. It corrected the mistakes of the first part in several elements, and it can be said that it was more beautiful, bigger, and more than what Dead Space offered. But the third part became more action-oriented and introduced a local co-op story mode, and this turned out to be a major mistake that led to the series not continuing.

The success of Dead Space Remake was that it offered gameplay similar to Dead Space 2. If it also received a revamp, it would be difficult to distinguish it from the original, and in the event of a remake of the third part, there would be no momentum for the fourth part again. For this reason, Motive could be in serious trouble, as fans of the series would love to see Dead Space 4, but given Electronic Arts' past, we can expect a more lazy approach, so the publisher can only force remakes.

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It is difficult, if not impossible, for the studio to get out of this situation. If a new Dead Space is indeed in development, the end result could be very positive.

source: GameRant

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