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Peak spectator, madness, frenzy and Canada: The world champion Hungarian hockey team was greeted with a spectacular celebration

Peak spectator, madness, frenzy and Canada: The world champion Hungarian hockey team was greeted with a spectacular celebration

We learned about the list of hockey players representing Canada at the World Cup in the Czech Republic last week on Friday. In other words, one cannot speak of an overly familiar team, but one with a tradition spanning many decades in the field. Among hockey players above a certain level (very high), those who are willing, adventurous, can walk, haven't completely burned out during the season, and are curious about an unknown world called Europe, travel to the World Cup.

Fans gathered once again to celebrate hockey at the MVM Dome
Photo: Photo: Sandor Soday – Origo / Photo: Sandor Soday – Origo

These thoughts were running through my mind as I arrived at the MVM Dome, our nation's largest auditorium, under the oppressive spring sun, two hours before package delivery.

At a quarter to five in the Nipplegate Tunnel, two vendors are already offering fan supplies. The products are still packed in front of the hall, but there is already something to do for those who arrive early.

You can shoot on goal, play two-goal hockey, learn about floorball,

The federation's vice-president, Zoltan Kovacs, who over his decades as general secretary has had the lion's share in the rise of local hockey, is looking for passengers on the “Fanbone” vehicle. A young man who can no longer fit gets a hockey coloring book. The party is family and festive.

MVM Dom Hungary Canada Canadian national ice hockey team Budapest Hungarian national ice hockey team Warm-up match May 7, 2024
Those who attended the game weren't bored outside the dome either
Photo: Photo: Sandor Soday – Origo / Photo: Sandor Soday – Origo

When I look at the young, fun people, I think of the hockey games between Hungary and Canada so far. There were a total of 14 formal meetings.

Sometimes we respond well to sports teachers

The first was a betting match on February 23, 1933 at the World Cup in Prague. Twelve teams entered, 10 teams (in three groups) competing for an additional six places alongside Canada and the United States, which immediately started in the top eight as the strongest, and

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Hungary managed to secure a place in the next stage ahead of Latvia.

In the new group there, it was no longer possible to score a point, and only one goal was scored. This particular puck ended up against Canada, and the first date against the home country's hockey players resulted in a good 3-1 loss. It was such an impressive result that Canada conceded only three goals in five World Cup matches, two of which came later in the final against the United States and this one, which…

After handing all this over, he gained Margo.

The Hungarian-Canadian newspaper Nemzeti Sport, which was published the next day, also caused a sensation on its front page, writing, “We were the only ones to score a goal for the Canadian puck champions,” and the newspaper reported in detail about the match that was held. In front of 5,000 spectators.

The newspaper also wrote about another Hungarian-Canadian match three years later, also in Prague (is there nothing new under the sun?), which caused a great stir in the world! – It ended 1-1. Czech newspapers also covered this match, and one of them gave its coverage the headline:

The Canadian Wolves couldn't handle the Hungarian fillies

Of the five official matches between Hungary and Canada so far, we were able to score a point in this match. Of the nine friendly matches, the Hungarians won one (on 12 February 2006) by a score of 6-4, while a scoreless match was played on 27 January 1934 in Budapest.

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Don't talk about the rest in the current festive mood!

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