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The machine in the Egyptian pyramid exploded, and something terrifyingly large hid for thousands of years under the sand

The machine in the Egyptian pyramid exploded, and something terrifyingly large hid for thousands of years under the sand

Among the world's most mysterious structures are structures like Stonehenge, the Great Sphinx, and the stone heads of Easter Island, but the Egyptian pyramids also stand out on this list. These monumental works still hold many mysteries to this day.

Few people know this, but it is Egyptian pyramids In addition to the passages and tunnels discovered during the 1950s, this huge ship was discovered by archaeologist Kamal Al-Malakh. It was a huge find in its day, and today we can see this car on display.

They came from heaven, and found in the Egyptian pyramids evidence of the amazing knowledge of the ancients, which could have been the basis of great influence.

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Pharaoh Khufu ruled in the 26th century BC and is credited with building the Great Pyramid of Giza. This 4,600-year-old ship was found in the Pharaoh's tomb complex, which has unparalleled historical importance among experts. Scientists still do not know exactly why the ship arrived next to the Pharaoh.

There are several explanations.

According to researchers, it may have had spiritual significance and was therefore buried next to the pharaoh to help him cross into the world of the sun god Ra in the afterlife. According to another theory, it could be the pilgrim ship of Khufu, with which he visited the holy places and wanted to use it in the afterlife.

The ship was cut into pieces next to the pharaoh, and researchers worked for several years to assemble the 1,224-piece structure. Later, through an amazing display, the ship was transferred to one of the most modern Egyptian museums.

Here is the 4,600-year-old ship:

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(source: Femina, Travello)

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