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The young London fencers did not achieve this feat

The young London fencers did not achieve this feat

The young Hungarian fencers finished the individual day of the World Cup competition in London without impressive results, the best result being Jázmin Papp who finished 23rd.

On Friday, young fencers were able to prove themselves in the individual competition of the Junior World Cup in London, and the Hungarian delegation was represented in the capital of the United Kingdom with a maximum of 12 people on both the men’s and women’s courts.

Jázmin Papp (right) was the best among the young Hungarian fencers • Photo: Killian Agath/BizziTeam/EFC

This match has already played a prominent role in the season, as it is a valuable opportunity to score points in the domestic selection system. The number one Hungarian fencer was not present in the men’s competition, George Simes, but we can count on a great performance. In the end, the feat failed this time because National Society website According to his information, none of the top 64 people could advance, Almos Balint, Albert Bagdani, Balaz Mack, and Ambros Budazzi Also stop at Gate 32.

There were no outstanding results in the women’s field either, although the Hungarian girls took one cycle longer than the boys. Jasmine Pap, Luca Kalocai and Szonga in Dar For him, the individual World Cup finishes among 32nd. The best Hungarian performance goes to the European trainee silver medalist Jázmin Papp and 23rd place. Among the American men Chase EmmerItalian in the women’s competition Julia Amor He could be happy with gold. The team competition will be held on Saturday in London.

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consequences. Men’s Junior Dagger World Cup, London, 191 competitors. In group matches: Zsombor Tabajdi 5 wins/0 losses, Mattia Rubin 5/1, Almos Balint 5/1, Zoltan Gergeli 4/2, Albert Bagdani 4/2, Kan Horvath 3/3, Balaz Mack 3/3, Ambrose Budahazi 2/4, Csongor Skorka 2/4 (advanced), Dániel Zsigmond 1/4, Gergely Orovecz 1/4, Attila Benyus 1/4 (disqualified).
To reach the top of 128: Budaházy-Fernandez Hernandez (Spain) 15:8, Skorka-Hsu (Taipei) 12:15.
To reach Top 64: Bagdány-Stampinato (Italian) 15:11, Bálint-Yang (American) 15:12, Makk-Chen (American) 15:12, Budaházy-Sosnov (British) 15:12, Tabajdi-Fazekas (Slovakian) 10:15, Horváth-Isolani (Italian) 7:15, Rubin-Sacharczuk (Polish) 14:15, Gergely-Sembach (German) 2:15.
To reach top 32: Bagdány-Fintersbush (Israeli) 6:15, Bálint-Raimondi (Italian) 10:15, Makk-Besnault (French) 4:15, Budaházy-Strange (British) 10:15.
The final result: 1. Chase Emir (American), 2. Imura Kazuki (Japan), 3. Samarth Kumbla (American) and Mateusz Kwiatkowski (Polish), … 39. Balent Almos … 50. Albert Bagdani 61. Balas Makk 63. Ambrose Budhazy 68. Zsombor Tabajdi 70. Ruben Mattia… 81. Zoltán Gergely… 99. Kan Horvath 145. Songor Skorca 154. Daniel Zigmund 158. Gergely Orović, 159. Attila Benius.
Junior Women’s World Cup dagger, London, 162 competitors. In group matches: Jázmin Papp 5 wins / 1 loss, Anna Kollár 3/2, Luca Kalocsai 3/3, Eszter Wolf 3/3, Szonja Badár 3/3, Boglárka Török 3/3, Réka Kovács 2/3, Gréta Marosi 2/4, Jasmine Spirka 1/4, Laura Surmay 1/5 (advanced), Lena Toth 1/5, Claudia Bartos 0/6 (eliminated).
To reach Top 64: Kalocsai-Tellez (Spanish) 15:6, Badár-Szopit (Ukrainian) 15:11, Papp-Kovács 15:13, Kollár-Bertini (Italian) 15:14, Marosi-Zhang (Canadian) 6:15, Wolf-Chen (Canadian) 12:15, Török-Parra (French) 9:15, Sperka-Csiba (Japanese) 7:15, Szurmai-Lorenzi (Italian) 8:15.
To reach top 32: Kalocsai-Ko (Korean) 15:14, Papp-Nakade (Japanese) 15:11, Badár-Culkin (British) 15:5, Kollár-Candeago (Italian) 6:15.
To get into the top 16: Kalocsai-Jing (American) 5:15, Papp-Ferrari (Italian) 4:15, Badár-Grandis (Italian) 7:15.
The final result: 1. Julia Amore (Italian), 2. Zander Rhodes (American), 3. Karolina Zurawska (Polish) and Rena Iwamoto (Japanese), … 23. Bab Jazmin 31. Luca Kalocai 32. Szonja Badár … 60. Anna Kolar 87. Esther Wolf… 92. Buttercup Turkish 104. Rica Kovacs 113. Greta Marusi… 121. Jasmine Spirka 127. Laura from Surma… 138. Lena Toth… 153. Claudia Bartos.

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