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Mercedes-Benz special trucks equipped with an armored cab from the factory

Mercedes-Benz special trucks equipped with an armored cab from the factory

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is expanding its product range and will in the future offer the Zetros truck series with protected, factory-equipped cabs. The three-axle four-wheel drive Zetros (6×6) is now also available as an armored vehicle. Other vehicle versions of the Zetros series, from two-axle 4×4 to four-axle 8×8, will be gradually produced with a protected design at the truck plant in Würth from 2025. The Zetros 6×6 with protected cab will be offered, Produced by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, it will debut at the 2024 Paris Motor Show from June 17 to 21, 2024. Eurosatory It will be displayed in the exhibition.

Off-road armored vehicles – from one supplier

The highly protected driver's cab provides protection for the vehicle's crew against projectiles, mines and booby traps, without diminishing the vehicle's off-road capability. Until now, vehicles manufactured in Wörth were usually fitted with an armored cab by partner companies before being delivered to customers. From now on, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks will equip the second generation Zetros with a specially protected driver's cab for special projects. The partner responsible for the development and delivery of the cab is Rheinmetall.

From development to testing, production to distribution, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is now responsible for the entire vehicle, including the armored cab. Thus customers benefit from comprehensive vehicle solutions that provide comprehensive protection. As the special vehicle division of truck manufacturer Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks guarantees the highest standards of reliability and production capacity, as well as a consistently high level of service and spare parts supply over several years or even decades. Depending on demand, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks also cooperates with body manufacturer partners (OEMs) for protected versions.

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Cab armor will soon be available for all vehicles in the Zetros series

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks will soon offer the entire Zetros line from 4×4 to 8×8, with a protected and factory-equipped cab. The truck, intended for logistics and military support missions, carries the advantages of the structural concept of protected cabins. The driver's cab is located behind the front axle, so the weight of the driver's cab falls not only on the front axle, but is also evenly distributed on the rear axle(s). This means that the massive shield does not increase the load on the front axle even on rough terrain.

When developing the Zetros Cab Shield, great emphasis was placed on safety, ergonomics and good visibility. In the protected cabin, up to three people can fit comfortably on air-suspended seats with four-point safety belts. The large one-piece windshield provides a wide field of vision. Variable mounting points located in the driver's cab can also be used for additional equipment items. In addition, as many of the same components as possible are used for both protected and unprotected cab versions, facilitating the availability of spare parts and enhancing interchangeability for different combined fleets.

Mercedes-Benz special trucks equipped with an armored cab from the factory

Zetros – heavy-duty off-road specialist for heavy haulage duties

Thanks to the driver's cockpit located behind the front axle, the driving experience in all Zetros models is extremely quiet and comfortable, even on difficult terrain, as well as protecting the crew and cargo. The bonnet, which can be opened independently of the driver's cab, allows access to the engine compartment during maintenance and repair work, while the driver's cab continues to provide protection, and there is no need for a fully tilted forward position, as is usual with conventional trucks.

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All versions of the Zetros are equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine of the OM 460 series, capable of power up to 375 kW / 510 hp. Maximum torque of 2,300 Nm is available from a cylinder capacity of 12.8 litres. 16 speed transmission or other Alison The automatic torque converter, two-speed gearbox, selectable differential locks, high slope and incline angles, as well as the ability to wade, allow good traction even when crossing mud, rivers or steep terrain. The permissible gross weight can range from 16.5 to 40 tons. With a towing vehicle with a gross weight of up to 120 tons and numerous superstructure solutions, Zetros are suitable for a wide range of transport tasks.

Zetros trucks with a protected driver's cab will already be available for display at Eurosatory.

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