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Skyrim's iconic location looks exceptional in Unreal Engine 5

Skyrim's iconic location looks exceptional in Unreal Engine 5

A talented developer has taken an iconic city from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and completely recreated it in Unreal Engine 5.

Daniel Boddy

11/13/2023 – In the 12 years since its release, Skyrim has seen a ridiculous number of re-releases, in which, although packed with a few additions, we basically got the exact same game as in 2011. I would say that There's already a huge demand for a really big, meaningful The Elder Scrolls, but the designers will do it for me, who, in their boredom (and their unearthly fanbase), set about revamping 2006 and Oblivion – yes, with the Skyrim engine.

That's a lot more than nothing, and a lot of people would certainly be happy with such a remake, but it's not exactly every TES fan's dream. Rather, it is the long-awaited sixth phase, the appearance of which is sure to be many years away and, if we are to believe Microsoft, will not even arrive on PlayStation consoles. Well, that's what console exclusivity is all about, while PC laughs, and not just because of the mods that keep Skyrim fresh in terms of content and graphics.

Epic's epic game engine, Unreal Engine 5, is also here, which has produced dozens of all kinds of stunts since it went public. If it's Skyrim, there is, for example, Myrkur Games developer, Christian Gomm, who two years ago remade Riverwood in UE5, the famous village we first wandered into, and now another developer, Leo Torres, has done the same, only this time with… The latest engine used its version to recreate Winterhold.

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The result not only speaks for itself, but is also so impressive that we are already looking forward to the new Skyrim release, which will probably never come true, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Unreal Edition, which would make sense to buy. ..

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