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Orban called on his three ministers to present the text of the Chadian agreement to the government

Orban called on his three ministers to present the text of the Chadian agreement to the government

February 13, 2024 – 12:14 pm

“I call on the Minister of National Defence, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Justice to submit the draft resolution on the mandate to immediately finalize the text of the agreement to the government after the conclusion of the agreement,” Viktor Orbán’s letter said. The decision was made on Monday evening In the Hungarian newspaper About the Chadian mission. In the decision published with his signature, the Prime Minister called on the ministers to sign and present the project related to the mission in Chad.

Last November, Parliament voted for the Hungarian state to send 200 soldiers to the Republic of Chad, according to Zsolt Semjen, who presented the parliamentary decision. This is necessary because Hungary’s interest is international peace, and that is why it must participate in international peace. anti-terrorism; In order to reduce the pressures of illegal migration, stability must be achieved in the Sahel region.

Gaspar Orbán, the Prime Minister's son, is also part of the Chadian delegation, but he tried to hide it. Revelation story written by Direkt36. Viktor Orban's son visited Chad and Niger several times as a member of the Hungarian delegation. He can be identified through the host country's recordings, but the Hungarian side tried to keep his identity a secret from the public, citing security reasons. However, upon news of the upcoming article – which goes beyond that security reason previously said to be important – the Minister of National Defense himself reported that, at his request, Captain Gaspard Urban was on duty within the delegation. (This is why the Minister used the indicator that was presented to the government in 2020, you can read more about it here).

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We covered Hungary's role in Chad in detail in the Telex Téma podcast, you can watch it again here:

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