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One of CS2's most overlooked commands may be back soon

One of CS2's most overlooked commands may be back soon

CS2 developers were active again in the first week of February. There is an update almost every day, the game is constantly evolving.

02.15.2024 – Valve did not stop updates even in the second week of February. On February 7th, a really big package arrived, but it also brought unexpected errors. New skins, a new chest, or a new knife become useless if the game crashes or the FPS drops by 20%. Some hotfixes arrived every day, and unfortunately they also happened to make the situation worse. The morning of February 15 was no different. However, this time, Valve hasn't published the patch notes either, meaning the community is left completely alone.

Fortunately, Counter-Strike 2's data miners got to work right away. ThourCS measurements quickly revealed that the developers had somehow managed to recover the 20% FPS lost on February 7. There is a high probability that an optimization error will be found.

The long sought-after CS2 command may also be back soon

The native net_graph command was enabled for almost all players in the previous version of Counter-Strike. It's no coincidence, as FPS/Frametime, Ping, Packet Loss and other indicators can be read in an understandable way. However, CS2 brought an interface that was difficult to interpret. It seems that the developers are already working on bringing back the old net_graph, and there is a good chance that it will arrive even in February. After that, only the possibility of modifying cl_bob and left/right hand remains, but the return of the latter could be highly doubtful given the changes in the game engine.

Valve was quick to respond For FPS problems:

CS2 is having a rough run in the major qualifiers, and players are panicking

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