One of Apple’s core applications has fallen to its knees

Some users have been bothered by the error for days, but Apple says it’s only been a few hours.

Don’t be alarmed if you look at the Weather app on your iPhone in the past few days and instead of the usual information you see only two bars or completely empty widgets: the fault is not with your device, but somewhere on Apple’s side. Cupertino residents have recently updated the registry on the availability of their services System status support pageWhich revealed a problem with the weather information.

Based on the description, the error has persisted since this morning, but perhaps that wasn’t entirely accurate, because according to our editorial experience, the app didn’t work perfectly even over the weekend.

Moreover, the Mac rumors do you know that, that the bug not only affects the iOS running iPhone, but all Apple operating systems are affected from watchOS to iPadOS to macOS. At the time of writing this article, three iOS widgets that should usually display weather data for three different settlements look like this:

the Mac rumors It also draws attention to the fact that some forum users have been experiencing the Weather app bug since installing iOS 16.4, which was released a few days ago, but since the service is down on several platforms, there may be some kind of background data service issue. About sources of weather information on Apple’s Hungarian support page You can also read. Be that as it may, at the time these fonts were created it was not yet known how long the repair would take, but as an alternative you can download The Weather Channel, which also cooperates with Apple, AccuWeather or the Hungarian Időkép application.

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