Novak Djokovic has not been allowed into Australia

Novak Djokovic still refuses to comment on whether he has taken up the defense against coronary artery disease. The world tennis player doesn’t admit that since he arrived at Melbourne Airport, he is too attached to not take him home.

The 34 famous Serbian athletes arrived in Australia on Wednesday at 13:30 Hungarian time, but for the time being unable to leave Tullamarine Airport. According to information from The Age, Djokovic was interrogated for a quarter of a year by representatives of the Austrian border.

The cause of the tension is the fact that all participants in the Australian Open are expected to be vaccinated against coronary artery disease, but Djokovic went on to reveal whether or not that requirement was met, citing protection.

Djokovic says he is entitled to medical relief from the coronary heart disease vaccine, but refuses to disclose it, to be precise.

Novak Djokovic still refuses to reveal whether he has been vaccinated against coronary artery diseaseFurres: Agence France-Presse / David Gray

Victorian Sports Minister Gala Polford said of the case: “The federal government has asked us to help Novak Djokovic apply for a visa to enter Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison makes clear from a previous statement that the government does not agree with Craig Tilley, director of the Australian Open, over the decision to qualify for medical treatment due to a severe health problem in the tennis world. .

In the archipelago, coronary artery disease is taken very seriously, and the population over 16 years of age has received 90 vaccinations against this disease. According to most people, Djokovic applied for this license because he was not vaccinated. This is very true for the epidemic approach, and on the basis of previous data.

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If that’s not enough, according to The Age, there are visa issues, as Djokovic has unlicensed medical papers.

We do not provide visa support for Novak Djokovic. “We’ve always been clear on two points: it’s up to the federal government to get a visa and it’s up to the doctors to get medical relief,” Gala Polford said on Twitter.

Source: Partially Eurosport, in part NSO

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