Indication – Overseas – the lack of domestic moral certification impedes the employment of Hong Kong immigrants in Great Britain

Recently, many Hong Kong residents decided to start a new life in Britain after the situation there worsened Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kongdemonstrators several times They clashed With the police and many protesters I got hit.

Jessica, the 28-year-old maths teacher interviewed by Free Europe, decided to move after being released from prison, where she was imprisoned during the protests.

But although the math teacher hoped that she could continue her career without any problems due to the lack of teachers, she had to face rejection by schools one by one.

The reason for the refusal is that Jessica was unable to provide a moral certificate issued by the Hong Kong Police.

Teaching is a real profession for me. This has been my dream job since I was little. But I really struggle with this because I don’t want to contact the HK police

Jessica said bindingadding that he has always been upfront about why he did not want to contact the police who arrested him, but claims his employers still wanted proof of his criminal record.

Jessica’s case also highlights a broader problem that requiring police documents for a Hong Kong worker is a barrier to employment in education or healthcare – sectors where British employers require strict vetting.

Many Hong Kong residents who have taken part in the demonstrations have already stated that they do not want their personal data shared with a police force they do not trust. Some fear arrest if they return to visit their families.

And many people do not want the Hong Kong police to know their whereabouts because they are afraid to leave their assets behind, for fear that the police will freeze them if they find out that they have immigrated.

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Some Hong Kong residents who have recently applied for an ethics certificate have reported that the process has suddenly become more difficult and complex.