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Massive Failure: I bought 4,000 copies of the first Alan Wake game, but none of them worked

Massive Failure: I bought 4,000 copies of the first Alan Wake game, but none of them worked

A huge fan of the first Alan Wake game, he bought thousands of digital copies of the original game before learning that none of them worked.

04.16.2024 – The original Alan Wake game was released in 2010, and thanks to its uniqueness, it has become an Xbox 360 favorite over the years. The chilling story, in which writer Alan Wake haunts his own hauntings in the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls, has captivated fans with its unique and dark atmosphere. After 13 years, Remedy Entertainment fans finally got the long-awaited sequel, Alan Wake 2, which was released last October. Along with Baldur's Gate 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears, it became one of the most popular games of 2023. The sequel, with a sort of Resident Evil-style gameplay, also focused more on survival horror than its predecessor, which was more action-oriented, and frequently In firefights. So we understand the fans who love the game, but we didn't expect someone to fall in love with them so much.

An Alan Wake fan purchased 4,000 Xbox 360 digital codes for the 2010 game, which are unfortunately unusable.

He fell

One dedicated Alan Wake fan loves the series so much that he bought thousands of copies of the original 2010 game that he can no longer use. the Computer gamesN I recently interviewed a fan who paid about $240. He bought 4,000 Alan Wake 2010 promotional cards on eBay for 90,000 HUF, each containing a code for the digital version of the game for Xbox 360. After trying a few codes, Alyssa was disappointed to find that none of them could download the game, so That was a complete waste of money.


None of the 4000 codes can be used

After contacting Microsoft customer service, he learned that the more than 10-year-old promotional cards sent to him from Finland, the home of Remedy Entertainment, may not have been activated in the first place. Although the purchase was already a failure, from the point of view that you can't download games with it, so you can't sell it, the fan said: He'll use it for something else. You want to decorate one of the walls of your home with promotional cards.

While Alyssa figures out what to do with 4,000 useless Xbox 360 codes, Remedy Entertainment is busy developing Night Springs, the first DLC for Alan Wake 2. Although little is known about the DLC in For now, we may learn more at Summer Game Fest on June 7.

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