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Mass Vaccination Has Begun – All You Need To Know About The Chinese Vaccine

Mass Vaccination Has Begun – All You Need To Know About The Chinese Vaccine

April 26, 2021 00:30

Starting tomorrow, an unprecedented mass vaccination campaign in the past four months. M1 News reported that the Sinopharm vaccine will be given on hundreds of sites to those who have booked an appointment online.

On Friday, the national chief medical officer announced the launch of a universal vaccine. The goal is to get more people to vaccines and GPs as quickly as possible, said Cecilia Muller. That is, you no longer have to wait for an SMS, another message, or a call from your GP. All you have to do is book an appointment that does not take more than a minute or two.

You can register on this page: https://www.eeszt.gov.hu/

Vaccinations can be requested on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The campaign will vaccinate the Chinese Sinpoharm vaccine. It is important that the option be available to those who have previously registered for the vaccine.

The new option is already very popular. Almost 4,500 people applied to Similweis University in a short time. But there are still vacancies.

“I can only encourage everyone to apply because there is a place, a vaccine, and vaccines that are safe and have a protective effect.” – said Attila Szabo, dean of Similweis University.

The Chinese vaccine, which arrived on Saturday, is now used as a comprehensive vaccination program. It is planned that the reservation system that was just launched will continue to operate.

“Registrants will have the opportunity to set an appointment directly to the nearest vaccination point and the most appropriate time to participate in the vaccination.”Said Ágnes Galgóczi, head of the department of epidemiology at the National Center for Public Health.

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On the online system, everyone can only book one appointment, which cannot be changed after completion. If someone doesn’t show, they can still get the vaccine, but only at a later time.

Important questions and answers

Who is eligible to book an appointment online now?

Any registrant who has not yet been vaccinated and whose registration has been processed and verified. You can check your registration status here: https://vakcinareg.neak.gov.hu/regisztracio/

I registered recently, but my registration is not yet valid. Can I book an appointment?

No. Only people who have already been treated and have a valid registration are entitled to use the appointment. If you registered for a few days, please be patient until your registration is valid and you can use the appointment at another time.

What vaccination days can you schedule now?

Monday April 26th, Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th.

What vaccine is used for vaccination?

With Sinopharm vaccine.

Where can you book an appointment?

Everything is provided to the hospital vaccination point in the appointment system.

Can I book an appointment only for vaccination in the hospital at the address?

No, even the vaccination point is at a hospital in another area. However, when booking, please note that you will also receive the second vaccination at the same site as the first vaccination.

Will the second vaccination date be in the same place as the first vaccination?

Yes, the second vaccination can only be given if it is the first (the difference between the two vaccinations is 28 days for this vaccine).

I have booked an appointment. Can I change it later?

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I can’t find the right time now. If I don’t book now, will I still be eligible for the vaccine?

a second.

I have booked the date, but I still cannot go to the booked time. what should be done?

If possible, please come to the vaccination at the reserved time! If for some reason you are still unable to show up at the reserved time, you will still be eligible to get the vaccine at a later date.

My doctor also called me to get vaccinated after making an appointment. what should be done?

If your GP also invites you to get vaccinated, please let him or her know that you have already booked an online appointment for vaccination at the hospital. This way, your GP can administer the vaccine to another person.

Can family members book an appointment?

Each registered person can book an appointment for himself. Of course, if individually family members find time to get vaccinated when they can go together, they can do so.

I am in official home quarantine. Can I be vaccinated?


I want to be vaccinated, but I want another vaccine.

This vaccination is specifically performed with the Sinopharm vaccine. If this does not suit you, please do not book an appointment now!

I am chronically ill. Can I book an appointment? Can I vaccinate Sinopharm?

According to the Sinopharm use instructions, the vaccine can also be administered to a well-treated, well-balanced chronic patient. But as with any vaccination, it is up to the vaccinator to decide whether or not to vaccinate. Therefore, it is important to complete the statement of consent with existing diseases and to inform the vaccinators about the chronic disease orally prior to vaccination.

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I have already received my first vaccination from Sinopharm, can I make an appointment to get a second vaccine?

No. This can be reserved for those who have not been vaccinated at all. Those who already received their first Sinopharm vaccination at the GP will also get the second vaccination there.

I am an active patient. Can I book an appointment?

If you currently have acute coronavirus or other severe febrile illness, you should not get vaccinated now. Of course, you will still be eligible for the vaccination later.

I am pregnant. Can I book an appointment?

Because Pfizer and Moderna can be used in pregnant women, you cannot participate in this vaccination.

What should I take for the vaccination?

Taj card, ID card and full approval statement. be seen: https://koronavirus.gov.hu/cikkek/hozzajarulo-nyilatkozat-nyomtassa-ki-toltse-ki-es-vigye-magaval-az-oltasra

If applicable, a printed confirmation of the appointment.

Will I have to book an online appointment for the second vaccine in a month?

No. When the first vaccination is given at the point of vaccination, you will automatically get an appointment for the second vaccination.

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