They say there are more bike lanes, but the infrastructure still needs improvement

They say there are more bike lanes, but the infrastructure still needs improvement

Cyclists walked in the capital: they say there are more bike paths, but the infrastructure still needs improvement

Thousands of Margaret Bridges cycled to City Park in this year’s Great I Bike Parade. More and more people in the capital have recently chosen bicycles as a means of transportation, but this makes the situation for motorists even more difficult. According to transportation attorneys, a comprehensive concept will be needed to address the problems. ATV News Report.

Participants in this year’s I Bike Parade walked from Margaret Bridge to City Park. Several cyclists said there are significantly more bike paths in the capital, but the infrastructure needs further development.

One said “I think this could be expanded to make more space for cyclists, not just such a small road, because it’s still dangerous to cycle in one or two places sometimes”

“The problem with Budapest is that it’s only possible to cycle in a north-south direction. Not much in an east-west direction. There is no bike path, and the terrain doesn’t like it very much,” said Zoltán Makk. .

“It is an interesting fact that if we note that about 80 percent of the cars are occupied by almost one person, and that this can lead to the operation of a car in general. I think that bike paths and cycling infrastructure should be developed,” Florent Forcou said.

On this day, cyclists can cycle through parts of Budapest where it is more difficult at other times. The main organizer of the event said cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the city.

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“There has been an increasing trend in bicycle traffic since March of last year, and now records have been broken in June as well. Daily records have been broken here on the lower Buda Pier or on the Buda Pier bike path, on a bridge Árpad, Hungary Corot, then it was overtaken by June bike yesterday. And last June was the year before that, this is a growth trend for a year and a half,” said Oron Halasz, Vice President of the Hungarian Cycling Club.

However, recently transportation has become more and more difficult for motorists, for example, in addition to the closure of the Pest Bridge and the Chin Bridge, more and more bike lanes are being created so that motorists can only go on one lane. According to transportation lawyers, the lack of a comprehensive concept characterizes the current situation.

“Especially now that the alternative possibilities have narrowed. The lower berth of Pest, the lack of a chain bridge, and justifiable reconstruction work on the outer M0, all together lead to the chaos we are seeing,” said Kazmir Kovacs.

A BKK spokesperson said bike lanes that were temporarily painted last year are currently being completed.

“At the same time, as part of all the road renovations that started this year, we are expected to deliver bike lanes for commuters to Budapest. Meanwhile, the BKK has launched several public procurement contracts for planning,” said David Bursey. . He added that by 2023 the infrastructure could be expanded with a number of new bike lanes.

The cyclists’ show has traditionally ended by raising the bikes high.

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