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Many people confuse these two countries in Western Europe, as one of them is now cleaning up

Many people confuse these two countries in Western Europe, as one of them is now cleaning up

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people ask Google if they are from the same country.

According to Visit Switzerland, people continue to confuse Sweden with Switzerland. Therefore, the Swedish Tourist Board decided to launch a campaign to make it clear that the two countries are not the same. In their video “Welcome to Sweden (not Switzerland)” they talk about how to differentiate between them.

This is Switzerland, not Sweden

In case you are in disbelief after hearing about this phenomenon: According to the news site SwissInfo, one hundred and twenty thousand people every year search whether Sweden and Switzerland are the same country, and in a survey conducted by Visit Sweden in the United States, about half of the participants were not sure. The two countries are different from each other. US President Joe Biden even mixed the two in a speech.

In the satirical video, a woman who appears to be a spokesperson stands on a podium between two Swedish flags and addresses Swiss leaders and citizens.

As he says, it’s time to clarify “who’s talking about what.” For example, Switzerland can talk about banks, and Sweden about sandbanks. In Switzerland, mountain peaks can provide a theme, but the Swedes have a monopoly on the rooftop terrace. Loud yodeling may belong to Switzerland, but silence, the absence of yodeling, belongs to Sweden.

The Swiss invented LSD, but the Swedes also have a source of surreal experience: the northern lights. While Switzerland accelerates particles, Sweden prefers to slow down. Switzerland is the number one watch superpower, but in Sweden you can forget about time.

If the two tourism organizations adhered to this division, there would be no confusion.

Sweden says.

the Visit Sweden At the same time, it presents on its website the issues in which the two countries differ from each other. While Switzerland has one of the largest gold reserves in the world, gold can be found in the woods in Sweden in the form of the golden mushroom, the yellow foxglove.

If you love banks, you should head to Switzerland, but if you prefer walking on beaches and sand dunes, you should head to Sweden Writes the tourist office.

This is not the first time that Swedish tourism has fallen victim to misunderstanding. Recently, a Swedish region almost completely disappeared from the Internet because of a star football player.

(source: euronews(Photos: Unsplash)

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