Brussels was scared after unveiling a plan to represent national interests

Israel fired rockets around Damascus

The Syrian military reported that Israel launched missile attacks on targets near Damascus on Sunday night, but air defenses largely prevented air strikes, and destroyed several missiles.

According to the statement, Israel launched missile attacks from the Golan Heights, which occupied the western half of Syria in the 1967 war, and in 1981. Clashes were heard in the capital, according to news agencies’ reports on the site.

An Israeli army spokesman did not respond to the Damascus Declaration, but Israeli Defense and Justice Minister Bani Ganz said last Friday that Israel conducts military operations almost weekly to prevent Iran from making gains in Syria.

According to regional intelligence sources, the elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards is called the “ Code ” and the militias that support it are densely located in a series of secret military installations on the southern outskirts of Damascus.

Israel has regularly carried out attacks on Iranian-bound targets in Syria in recent years, and has ramped up its attacks this year. Western intelligence sources say that Israel is waging a kind of “shadow war” in Syria to weaken Iranian influence. The Syrian President’s regime has never publicly acknowledged that Iranian forces are stationed in the country, and has only indicated the presence of Iranian military advisors.

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