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Magyar Posta has issued a warning: be careful if you receive such a notification!

Magyar Posta has issued a warning: be careful if you receive such a notification!

Magyar Posta warns against phishing. According to the company, our bank card details and the funds in our bank account are at risk if we click on the link in the malicious email or enter the information carelessly.

In the recent period, the number of violations in the name of Magyar Posta and its services (such as the EMS service) has increased frequently, as the trademarks (logo) and image elements of the state company are used without permission in an attempt to deceive the public – readable in the company statement.

In fake emails, text messages, or phone calls, they typically ask for approval of a delivery address and/or payment of a fee or donation in connection with a non-existent prize draw, promotion, or bogus charity campaign in order to receive a package. It also happens that scammers appear in connection with advertisements posted by the public on classifieds portals, pretending to be serious buyers and misusing the name of EMS postal service, trying to extort data and money by referring to fake insurance/shipping/order charges. Emails or SMS messages.

However, by clicking “Click here”, “Online payment”, “Send me package”, “Confirm your address”, “Your package is waiting for delivery, please confirm customs payment” or similar links in the message, you will be taken To the recipient’s phishing website, the data provided here will be in the possession of scammers, and the money in the bank account may also be at risk. It is also possible that by opening the link, malware is being installed on our devices.

The company warns that if you receive such suspicious emails or SMS, do not click on the links in them and do not enter any data! As a first step, you should always check the sender’s email address or, in the case of text messages, the sender’s phone number, as this can immediately reveal that the email did not come from the official Magyar Posta ( email address or number. Phone (06-30-344-4987). For example, don’t worry if the sender is the central notification

The Company never sends customer notifications from foreign phone numbers or email addresses ending in “.com”.

Magyar Posta only sends online or SMS payment notification in connection with the settlement of customs duties in the case of international shipments, which always includes the link Please note that if your shipment has a tracking code, the original delivery information can be accessed at any time by entering the code on the Posta website.

May cause suspicion and extra caution:

  • The unknown sender
  • non-Hungarian phrasing and/or an overly insistent accent,
  • Misspellings, lack of use of marks, use of Cyrillic or Chinese characters,
  • Or even if we don’t order a package, they still inform us that we have to pay for the ordered package,
  • Or the promise of an expensive or very promising phone or some other prize.
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