Andras Domani

The government makes huge budget shifts at least every week, making the budget law passed last year an illusion.

Now, for example, it was posted on Monday night resolution HUF 127 billion – about half a thousandth of the annual expenditure framework alone – will be taken from the general framework of economic restart programs, and most of this, HUF 100 billion, will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance under the increased revenue and expenditure. . What is this really not clear.

In addition, higher education will receive again, and not for the first time in recent weeks, 8 billion, cultural institutions and public collections (museums) 6 billion in several installments, and the digital government agency a total of 8 billion (part of the government reserve) ) ​​to invest 2 billion . A billion was received for competitive sports and priority associations and nearly a billion for operating, programs and development grants for churches in two tranches, mostly from the premier, but 200 million from the Hungarian Village Program.

Since sports organizations, universities and churches, among others, receive additional payments almost every week, it is not entirely clear how much the government will ultimately spend, because it is impossible to compare the current situation with the budget originally approved for this year.