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Maghreb English successes

Maghreb English successes
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Maghreb English successes

Móra Ferenc Secondary School boasts outstanding results in English language competitions. Recently, the following students achieved high-level results in the semi-finals of the three-round London Bridge English Language and Country Knowledge Competition: Sarah Palazzesi, Eva Kapos, Rahel Kovacs, Emma Tamasi Class 7/E and Zora Sikos, Kolos Kuruc, Hannah Nemet, Sarah Rozsa 8/E grade students. Preparatory teacher: Eva Kesny Fekete.

On April 11, Joseph Attila Primary School hosted an English competition in the city, where the English Business Society organized a competency-based English team competition. Seventh and eighth grade high school students also participated in the event, comparing their knowledge of the world's major cities and aspects of urban life. The fun, demanding and creative competition has enriched all participants with new knowledge and contacts. results: Chela bozar (7/H) Third place, Leah swans (7/e) was second, Sarah Rosa (8/e) strengthened the team that finished first.

High school students participated in the national one-round correspondence competition organized by HEBE Kft., among which Pal Bana (10 years old) won the national second place in the teenager category with an outstanding performance. The goal of the competition organizers was to introduce students to the holidays, customs, traditions and foods of English-speaking countries and to deepen their vocabulary on the topics. In addition to the complex quiz task – being a creative group competition – the contestants also had to prepare project assignments, posters, presentations, essays and movie recommendations. This year, 567 English teams entered nationally across 5 categories. The youth of Móra Ferenc High School competed in two of the highest language categories, “Junior” and “Teen.”

2nd place: Paul Bana (10/any) Teenagers category
Middle school teachers: Eva Kesny-Fickett, Peter Nagy

fourth place: Bettina Bencic, Laura Houska, Zoe Sikora (7/H) Junior Category 1
Preparatory teacher: Eva Kesny-Fickett

Seventh place: Black voice, Hap Lily Borbala, Judit Varga (9/any) Junior Category 2
Middle school teachers: Dr. Giulani Szabó Katalin MateukEva Kesny Fickett

Seventh place: Good luck, Noemi, Adrian Mozar, Ray Lara (9/any) Junior Category 2
Preparatory teacher: Dr. Giulani Szabo Katalin Mateuk

Eighth place: Sandor Bingo (7/H) Junior Category 1
Preparatory teacher: Eva Kesny-Fickett

Eleventh place: Sarah Palazzi (7/E) Junior 1 category
Preparatory teacher: Eva Kesny-Fickett

Sixteenth place: Zeno is satisfied, Samuel Gaspar Szabo, Peter Szatmary (9/any) Junior Category 2
Preparatory teacher: Dr. Giulani Szabo Katalin Mateuk

Eighteenth place: Anna Rebecca Horvath (7/H) Junior Category 1
Preparatory teacher: Eva Kesny-Fickett

24th place: Pelican Lea, Catalin Maria Taco (7/H) Junior Category 1
Preparatory teacher: Eva Kesny-Fickett


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