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Live from Canada, Leonard Durovty sends a viral message after the 2024 European Championships.

Live from Canada, Leonard Durovty sends a viral message after the 2024 European Championships.

Written article DigiSport
11/19/2023, 16:17

Romania’s national team has qualified for the 2024 European ChampionshipThen complete this in Israel, The score is 2-1, in the penultimate stage of the qualifiers. Evie Lowe Eddie Iordanescu Compose or write a tremendous romantic story.

Leonard Durofty qualifies for Euro 2024: “No need to worry”

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They are printed by representatives of the highest qualifications who represent our European national team in Germany and Leonard Durofty (53 years old), the world team of the fund that pulls its curtains to the highest end.

despite of This helps to visit Romania In the cause of an incomplete episode, Durovti settled in Canada thanks to family, participated in the “Tricolorilor” party and broadcast a message that became viral. Help me with ratings, comments and redistribution. The athletes celebrate the championship final at the end of the week.

Hello Romania! I’m going to Europe! The cat has many victories, and she will not lose them! ti eu, ti voi, all rum! Hello Romania!”, by Durovte, which is a video posted on your Facebook account.

With the presence of the Rum group in Euro 2024

Romania, which received one point for qualification, managed to reach the final of the European Championship, after the 1984, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2016 editions. e pe primul loc In Group A, Elvetia beat Kosovo 1-1 at home.

Victoria with Israel and the occupation of Tire leads the Romanian National Mobilization Group, and this is possible, We have double value In order to defeat the Euro 2024 group. In order to reach this place, Eddie Iordani will not have to save them in the end, on the ground, in the face of Elvis.

Thus, at this moment, the ‘Tricolorii’ could be re-divided among the ‘Dead’ group for the final round of Germany, with Francesa, Olanda and Elvitia. But with luck, Romania was able to plague Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia.

To be able to install the site, you will start calculating the results of these initial settings. The series is headed by Germany, the host country, and the top 5 members of the group. Several qualifying tackles in the jar serve to put points ahead. Team results from last place in the six-team group, being Romanian, are no longer counted.

Video summary Israel – Romania 1-2

Vanessa, daughter of Leonard Durofty, is 20 years old but now: a first letter from a young boxer

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Vanessa Durofty said, according to her Instagram account, that Montreal was looking forward to helping the paramedic, and then leaving there as best she could. Son of Leonard Durofty 20 years completedI familia ia faust krupa.

Many years, Vanessa! you are my Love“, relays Leonard Durovty on Facebook, with some photos of his daughter.

Adrian Durovty, Campion fostului la box, pm Involved in afesire immobiliare, I-au care adus günznuri importante. Alexandru, Adrian’s brother, is continuing his engineering career.

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