Limbo's creators are working on an exciting new game

Limbo’s creators are working on an exciting new game

Playdead rarely comes up with a new video game, but if they do, we’re sure we’ll remember years from now: Both Limbo and Inside dry up the team’s “soul”, and based on a new job offer, they’re now trying in a radically different genre. They want to recruit more employees for an outdoor-looking, open-world sci-fi adventure that will be developing on multiple platforms simultaneously. That’s pretty much all we know about unannounced software, but the team’s knowledge is such a minimum circumstance that the end result is an impressive game in almost every respect. So that they don’t get caught up with that much, they’ve also shared – and needless to say – a work of art that features shades of black, white, and gray.

Playdead is now established over 15 years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been operating modestly since then. Arnt Jensen was very well known in the profession – many Hitmans had his hands as a former IO employee – but at the same time he felt that in addition to the Bald Killer, he could not be achieved in the technical sense, so instead of going to another company he brought his own company with Patty’s help. Practically speaking, the two made Limbo Alone, which was released in 2010 that solved their financial problems in one fell swoop and made it known. Although the company has grown well, its next project hasn’t been rushed: Inside has had to wait 6 years and we think science fiction not yet announced won’t meet in less time – but with the release of 2022, we’ll come to terms.

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We don’t know almost anything about the new Playdead yet, but we want it!

The latest Playdead games haven’t been announced yet, so we don’t know their title or target platforms – but it’s sure to be released on the PC, the Epic Games Store, where the company behind it publishes.

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