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Kennedy told the truth about how America interferes in the politics of foreign countries (video)
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Kennedy told the truth about how America interferes in the politics of foreign countries (video)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was born on January 17, 1954 as a member of one of the most famous political families in the United States of America. Kennedy is the nephew of the thirty-fifth president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

He announced his candidacy for the presidency on April 19, 2023, challenging US President Joe Biden in the colors of the Democratic Party.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the true white crow of the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign, speaking out on many topics his party has avoided. Among other things, he initiated a dialogue about the effectiveness of vaccines against the coronavirus. Therefore, it is not surprising that the nephew of the former president was also able to tell the truth about the fact that the United States pays foreign journalists for propaganda purposes. In the aforementioned interview with The Epoch Times, Kennedy said this verbatim about American support for foreign media:

The CIA is now one of the biggest supporters of journalism around the world. The largest support is provided through the US Agency for International Development. The United States funds the press in almost every country in the world. He owns the media and pays the salaries of thousands of journalists. They can’t do that in the US, but in 2016 President Obama changed the law to make it legal for the CIA to propaganda to Americans.

The statement by the former Democratic US president’s nephew is further evidence that the US, and primarily the CIA, interferes in the politics of foreign countries through select media – which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says they own.

In Hungary, what the presidential aspirant talked about can literally be realized, because during the parliamentary elections that took place last year, the Hungarian left campaigned with foreign money.

To this day, it is not known exactly from what source the Gergeli Caraccioni 99 movement got its support, just as Peter Markey G has not yet recognized the main source of the so-called circulation dollars.

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