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July 21: The third day of the ten millionth year

July 21: The third day of the ten millionth year

Help others and be grateful for everything you received from the Universe – this is the main advice for a ten million times special energy, when the power of thoughts and actions also acts ten million times as powerful. July 21st will be the third day of ten million creations in the year.

Tibetan Buddhists call their most important holidays Dharmachakra days, or For the days of the Big Buddha Each year there are four special energy days, which fall on different days each year because it is calculated based on the movement of the moon.

This year, the third Ten Millionfold Creativity Day falls on July 21st. this Chokhor Duchen, which in Hungarian can be translated as the Feast of the Prayer Wheel. On this special day, Tibetans remember the first sacred discourse of Buddha, the teacher of the Four Noble Truths. According to legend, the gods asked Buddha to teach people.

On Dharmachakra days, the energies act ten million times more powerfully (Photo: Shutterstock)

It’s a really special day. For this Definitely worth it

  • To feel grateful for all the good things that have happened to you and are happening to you.
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  • Of course, to strive for positive and benevolent thoughts and ideas.
  • To remember as many positive emotions and events as possible.
  • Accurately formulate positive wishes, requests and messages.
  • Practice patience with yourself and all other living beings.
  • Treat everyone with compassion and empathy.
  • To love and accept others selflessly.
  • To meditate and relax as much as possible.
  • To think positively whenever possible.
  • To help everyone possible.

The most important message ten million times a day

On these holidays, positive thinking, action and emotions are especially important, which, in fact, do not cost anything, and yet their significance is priceless. We recommend that you be selfless these days and act without expectations. You can pay attention to the safety, cleanliness, and beauty of your immediate and wider environment. Do everything for which you do not expect compensation, simply give to others with joy and happiness. Because good deeds will return to you.

You don’t even have to think too big. A few smiles, compliments, kind words, and a little help and support can be incredibly valuable.

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