"If we work together, it will help!"  Szandi stood behind a touching act

“If we work together, it will help!” Szandi stood behind a touching act

Like last year, he again announced his drawing kit because he wanted to put a smile on the faces of mentally handicapped children.

Szandi has already presented several times at the ÉFOÉSZ event. Until now, he was in favor of the initiative at first sight Livia Blazovic, communications coordinator at the Civic Road Foundation, told Our Newspaper

Sandy wholeheartedly supports charitable work

I am confident that I will bring people spiritually close to people with disabilities and children. Above all, they need acceptance and support. Often enough just a hug, a kind word. You can talk to them just as you would anyone else. When my kids were younger, whenever I could, I always took them with me to concerts where I sang for people with disabilities. It is good to see that empathy for the underprivileged is natural for them Happy Sandy.

The singer hopes that news of this noble cause will reach as many people as possible

This set of colored pencils, crayons and crayons is a great gift for these kids. After all, drawing is a means of self-expression in which they can show their soul. Donation brings great joy to talented people. If we all work together, it will help Singer shut down.

a magic pencil Through the work, 6,265 packages were collected in 2020. Drawing tools can be offered until September 10. Donations collected will be delivered on September 20 at the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden as part of a large-scale ceremony.

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