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Janos Egri’s dream has come true: he will play for the national hockey team at the age of 87

Janos Egri’s dream has come true: he will play for the national hockey team at the age of 87

Sunlight on the ice. Janus Egri probably feels like singing when he’s skating in front of nearly ten thousand people. Because it will be like this: when everyone gets involved, when the players are waiting for the start, excitedly, in the fever of matches, representing the country, the homeland, then the announcer will suddenly say: Ladies and gentlemen! A warm welcome to player number 87 of the Hungarian national team!

Janus Egri!

Janos Egri can again be seen in the national team’s shirt in the match against the Slovenian and Canadian national teams / Photo: Facebook

“I’m a little nervous, I’m having some kind of match fever,” Janos Egri told Blake. “However, I will only be a little casual in these two games.” My old dream came true to be able to wear a shirt with a logo again. At the beginning of the sixties I managed to play in a few matches in the Hungarian national team, but instead of playing sports, television became my way. However, I never stopped playing hockey. So far, I’m on the ice on a weekly basis, we hit the puck with a group of friends, and we never miss training even if it’s just the two of us. This is when we pass. Plus, two tennis sessions are mandatory for me a week, so my condition won’t be an issue. I promise to be on the ice in the match against the Slovenes and Canadians.

Special words from the man who will be celebrating his 87th birthday in November. He talks about sports, regular sports, and wearing the sacred national team jersey, like it’s the most normal thing in the world for at least his age. Former great hockey player Janos Egri later hosted programs on television that were watched by five million people. To this day, the letter game, the mind tournament, who dares to win, ask! I answer, can I have another question? Or the test displays any of the three. János Egri, who has a degree in Electrical Engineering, has truly made history on screen.

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With Tamas Laux and Anna Adamis on a radio show / Photo: Zoltán Fortepan Szalay

With Tamas Laux and Anna Adamis on a radio show / Photo: Zoltán Fortepan Szalay

And now he’s making history on the ice, too.

– There was a plan, or rather a dream, that we, great hockey players, would travel to Tampere with the national team for the world championship, – continued Janos Egri. – It could not be done for various reasons, although in my heart I would have slipped on the ice there too, if they would let me, and if it was possible at all. I would like to get into the record book as the oldest domestic hockey player. As a result, I received a gift for life from the sports administrators. I can wear the national team uniform for the match against the Slovenes. I will also be there against the Canadians, but it has not yet been decided when and how I will go on the ice. My son, daughter, and wife are proud of me, even though I do what I love most: play sports as long as I live.

According to information from the association, the audience will be able to see the famous TV personality on the ice during the warm-up – they do not dare to risk injuring him during the match during the inevitable collision in hockey. But the federation’s message, along with the role of Janos Egri, is clear: Hockey belongs to everyone.

– With children’s programs, presentations, games and a lot of show items, we want to show everyone that ice hockey is deservedly one of the most popular sports in the world. János Egri’s story fits perfectly with the action. Hockey really is for everyone! Levente Sipos, Secretary General of the Ice Age Society, told our newspaper. – A young 87-year-old athlete who had a dream and we worked together to achieve it, in addition to respecting the work of the national team and preserving the aura of the crowned shirt. Our dream was the Hungary-Canada match on May 9th at the MVM Dome, which is already sure to be the biggest domestic hockey match ever! And if Canada is the opponent, we will try to give everyone who comes a real 21st century sports experience, with the atmosphere and experience of an NHL match.

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