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Villeneuve: Verstappen should want Hamilton as his teammate to show him off

Villeneuve: Verstappen should want Hamilton as his teammate to show him off

1997 Formula One world champion Jacques Villeneuve believes it would be in Max Verstappen’s interest to have Lewis Hamilton as his teammate, as he could prove to any doubters that he is better than the seven-time world champion.

Max Verstappen has won nine consecutive races, 11 out of 13 this year. Although he is breaking Formula One records after another with his dominance, due to the monotony of this season, many skeptical voices can be heard, who say that seeing Red Bull’s supremacy this year, the Dutchman’s task is too easy.

Zandvoort also showed there might be something to it, as Red Bull made a tactical blunder at the start of the race by not calling on Verstappen to change tires at the end of a rainy first lap, but the reigning champions managed to win easily even with that.

Jacques Villeneuve believes there will be a way for Verstappen to dispel doubts about how big this streak of success is and how far back to Red Bull: if the Dutchman is in the same team as the most successful, that is, Lewis Hamilton…

Winner Max Verstappen, Dutch Red Bull driver (B) at the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix results announcement in Mogyorod on July 31, 2022. Second from right is Lewis Hamilton, British Mercedes driver. (picture:
MTI/Zsolt Czeglédi)

“I don’t know if the team cares who his team mate is because they have Max there. That’s how Max can win now. They’re on top, they’ve got everything imaginable, so why should they care? Put a guy who wants to show he’s the new best in the world.” It will mix things up.”

“I think maybe Max wants Lewis so he can show the world he can beat Lewis. That might be his ultimate goal. Maybe he wants him as a teammate, but I’m not sure Red Bull wants that either. I don’t know.”

– Reversed the 1997 world champion in an event in Zandvoort.

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As a matter of fact, Red Bull doesn’t want Hamilton at all, Helmut Marko himself said. In a recent interview, the chancellor also made it clear that among the best, he can only imagine Lando Norris alongside Verstappen, as he believes the Dutchman is too good to develop any toxic rivalry within the team.

Knowing their past and their championship battle in 2021, it’s also hard to imagine Verstappen would want to include Hamilton, who in many respects is his opposite in personality, into his team.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton (Photo: XPB)

According to Villeneuve, Verstappen deserved more credit for his performance this year. “Better than others, that simple. It makes no sense to say it’s harmful. The rules don’t make it the best, it’s the best. People should feel proud, and they should be happy about it.”

“It was Lewis and Mercedes who won the double championships and nobody complained. Why didn’t they complain about Lewis and why are they now complaining about Max? I don’t understand your logic.”

said the Canadian on the issue of F1 drowning in boredom.

He pointed out that the situation is not necessarily what many people say. He continued: “Max dominates, not Red Bull. Formula 1 has never been this close. If you look, the difference between 1st and 12th is often a second or two. That wasn’t the case in the past and yet he complains. People. This is the best situation ever.” – He pointed out that the competition in the field is close and very diverse.

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