It turns out that they could be the heirs of Ildiko Beachy

It turns out that they could be the heirs of Ildiko Beachy

Although the identity of the heir remains a mystery for sure Ildiko Beachy Leave a wonderful fortune! Pick up a repostExactly what Ildiko inherited in the secret will!

Well, like Ildiko The luxurious apartment on Cseppkő Street in Buda, plus four plots of land in Gödöllő. In addition, it is also evident that the beautiful house in Gödöllő is also located, With such a beautiful garden of Ildiko, where he was always having fun.

But who can be considered an heir? Well, three of them are applying for the awesome heirloom and they have one thing in common: all three are called Csaba..

One of the obvious candidates for the son of actress Chaba Zox.

Although their relationship has deteriorated in recent years, Later they reconciled and buried the hatchet. The second opportunity is Ildikó’s granddaughter Csabika, with whom the actress was also Settlement of previous disputes. Csaba L. It was she who had stood by the actress for the past 20 years and was a major confidant in Ildiko and the World of All Secrets..

“It’s true The death of Ildiko Not long ago Rethink everything and formulate a new will. Csaba L. Péterfi told our newspaper: “Since it is later dated, it should be taken into account, but of course I cannot talk about its content.”

But how the Csaba three will eventually become the new owner of this amazing heritage remains a mystery.

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