How long will it take to watch the best series ever?

How long will it take to watch the best series ever?

In 2020, online TV shows and series have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment for audiences. The number of subscribers to the broadcast platforms has grown exponentially, and

The brand value of media providers like Netflix has grown up to 72 percent annually.

a Picode The analysis team decided Calculates How long does it take to research the most important series that global pop culture has to offer?

For comparison, the products with the highest rating and attracting the most viewers were chosen.

In the first place in the ranking is the Simpson mobile family. This series has become the source of many popular memes and has nearly 700 episodes. Watching the seasons since 1989 is exactly 322 hours.

The second longest production on the list was Odaát. It will take 246 hours to watch all 15 seasons. Then Dr. House’s third podium, who had chained us in front of the TV, was finished for 131 hours.

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However, keeping up with popular culture doesn’t necessarily mean we have to spend dozens of hours in front of the TV. Among the mini-series we also find very popular pieces, such as Chernobyl – 5 Hours 27 Minutes, or With the Commander, which can be watched in 6 hours and 35 minutes.

If someone decides to embark on an entire series of Super Marathon series and searches for the best rated series ever,

So you would have to devote at least 2,806 hours, which means 175 days of full time

8 hours of sleep with breaks.

Research methodology and resources

All data for this series comes from the database of online movies, series and games. Listed products have a score of no less than 8.0 and a rating over 250,000. Total series length is derived from the sum of each episode’s lengths based on data prior to March 2021. All series with a star are still in play or confirmed for subsequent seasons.

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