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It is actually the European Union that is funding Ukraine most generously, not the United States

It is actually the European Union that is funding Ukraine most generously, not the United States

In the past two years, the amount of financial support provided by the European Union to the Ukrainian budget exceeded that provided by the United States by 4 percent, he writes. RIA Novoszti Russian State News Agency. Thus, at the beginning of September, the European Union allocated $22.6 billion to Kiev, while the United States allocated $21.7 billion.

The Russian source adds:

This year, money from the European Union has increased 1.8 times – to $14.6 billion – while subsidies from the US government have decreased by 19 percent – to $9.8 billion. Last year, the situation was reversed: the European Union allocated only eight billion dollars, while the United States allocated $12 billion to aid Ukraine.

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This year, the European Union allocated US$19.5 billion in macroeconomic support, of which about US$4.9 billion. The United States entered the new fiscal year on October 1 and has until November 17 to agree on the budget, including aid to Ukraine. As for the aid promised to Ukraine, the volume of aid provided by the Europeans is about three times the volume of American aid and amounts to $80 billion. The majority of this money – $54 billion – is scheduled to be allocated in the form of loans (two-thirds of the package) and grant financing in the period 2024-2027. Ukrainian Deputy Economy Minister Taras Katska said this week that since February 2022, the country has received $65 billion in aid from its Western partners.

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Earlier, Velazdasaj wrote that Joe Biden assured US allies of continued US support for Ukraine in a conference call. The US President began negotiations with mostly European partners after the transitional budget was approved in the House of Representatives of the US federal legislature only because it did not include the amount necessary to continue support for Ukraine.

Among Republican members of the US House of Representatives, widespread opposition to continued unconditional support for Ukraine has developed in recent months, which is why this issue has been deleted from the legislation ensuring the work of US government institutions.

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