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Index – Sports – Amazing drama, the last seconds of overtime decided the most watched event in America

Index – Sports – Amazing drama, the last seconds of overtime decided the most watched event in America

The battle of the “Immortal” and Cinderella

Four years later, Kansas City and San Francisco met again in the NFL's premier game, and then had to put on a brilliant fourth-quarter translation against the Jimmy Garoppolo-led 49ers. patrick mahomesnack, Which has since reached the Grand Final for the third time, while the rival has also regularly reached the final of the Main Group, so before the season, no one would have been surprised if we said that these two teams could fight each other again.

It's a different matter that both teams had a period of the year (specifically, the defending champions nearing the end of the regular season) that we wouldn't have been surprised if both teams had been involved early at most in the playoffs, but in the end they overcame all the odds. And they got there.

In terms of odds at the bookmakers, the eventual success of the 49ers, who looked much stronger as a team, paid less money, which, if you look at the stars on the offensive side (linebacker Christian McCaffrey was the Offensive Player of the Year, alongside him, receiver/running back George Kittle Running back Deebo Samuel, catcher Brandon Aiyuk and linebacker Kyle Goscheck are all elite) and names on defense, it was understandable, but at the same time, the running defense looked weak here.

On the other hand, the offensive game has been a little rougher, but Travis Kelce has also prepared for the playoffs, and along with Rashi Rice, they already provide enough options for the best player in the league. patrick mahomesnack, Who looked down upon a sophomore and a player who wasn't good enough for anyone in the draft. naturally Brooke Burdette It would have been a mistake to write him down, precisely because he had the best control index in the NFL.

McCaffrey corrected his mistake with a TD, and the Chiefs slowly recovered

To clash in Las Vegas At Allegiant Stadium It happened, as both the Chiefs (4-0) and 49ers (1-0) were still unblemished.

McCaffrey Ed was poised to follow in his father's footsteps, winning three championships as a receiver for the 49ers and Broncos, not to mention his current coach, Kyle Shanahan's father, coaching Mike (first as a coordinator). He started with three powerful passes, but when in the 27th minute Leo Chenal managed to get the ball out of his hand, Jorgosz Karlaftisz threw himself onto it, and the Chiefs defense delivered their first big blow.

Among the key questions in the game will be whether the Chiefs will be able to outrun the 49ers' defense as we saw in the case of the Packers or the Lions, because if Isiah Pacheco's breakout performance would significantly diminish California's chances, and whether two superpowers in his battle won by Kansas City. Tight end Travis Kelce or San Francisco linebacker Fred Warner.

The first attempt by the Chiefs ended quickly, Pacheco was stopped at minus three yards, Kelce couldn't add anything meaningful either (one yard), and the California offense was able to come back, which was stopped by two fouls by already elite offensive lineman Trent Williams.

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Patrick Mahomes came off the field for the second drive three plays later, and another long series of punts ensued, but even though the number of yards gained was already 125-16, only… Jake Moody Points were scored on a 55-yard field goal (0-3).

This was a new Super Bowl record, and a successful kick had never been taken from such a distance!

The first successful third attempt looked like the defending champions would start their cart, as Mecole Hardman's 52-yard scoring drive brought the team closer to the end zone, but the ball also went out of Pacheco's hands.

Even more surprising was that Taylor Swift's partner, Travis Kelce, specifically attacked his trainer after the scene…

The Grammy Award-winning singer recently had a good time regardless.

After two failed plays, the 49ers got going again, a foul by L'Jarius Sneed contributed to that, and at the end of a trick play, the first touchdown of the game was generated, passed by receiver Jauan Jennings macaverink, Which he followed with a 21-yard run (0-10).

In the final two minutes of the first half, they were able to breathe life into the game for Kansas City, as six of Mahomes' seven passes were successful, but the Chiefs were stopped by a sack near the end zone, and only one of them came close. With a Harrison Butker field goal They can compensate (3-10).

During the break, Usher came in (who for some reason felt the need to get naked and skateboard…), then Alicia Keys and Ludacris joined in briefly, but Taylor Swift didn't – it was a huge loss on the NFL's part.

The defending champions have risen, in a twisty endgame and are still undecided

At the beginning of the second half, we saw two major errors from Mahomes during three plays. First, he threw the ball incorrectly to Pacheco, then he took down Kelce, so Jay Brown recorded an interception.

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Fortunately, the defense helped him out of trouble, but at the same time, the 49ers' special unit pinned its opponent on the two-yard line, resulting in a penalty, as on the next California offense – Moreover, after the linebacker was Dre Greenlaw, receiver Deebo Samuel, also disabled, though he was at least able to continue.

Mahomes ran a key third down on the next drive, then immediately rushed it again, and even though the team was stuck on third down, Butker's 57-yard field goal made it the defending champions. (6-10).

This immediately consigned the Super Bowl record set just hours earlier to the past!

San Francisco was completely stuck on offense in the third quarter, and although the defense held up this time, the 49ers were clumsy on the special unit until the Chiefs got the ball back in the red zone, which Mahomes promptly punished. Marquez Valdes Scantling Kansas City converted with a 16-yard TD run. (13-10)

The claimant to the throne also rebounded by solving a very important third down attempt, and was able to start the fourth quarter at the opponent's 42-yard line, halving a Brandon Aiyuk play, and George Kittle making the all-important catch. Fourth and third.

Two game marks later Jennings After his TD pass, he also made a very aggressive catch for a six-pointer down the field, so the 49ers turned it over — but the extra point was blocked (13-16).

Both Kelce and Pacheco began to show signs of life from the AFC Cup winner's side, with the former creeping to the 55 after one yard on the ensuing first half and the latter making back-to-back important drives, but the end was a defensive stop by the 49ers. Butker With his close kick, the leaders equalized “only”. (16-16).

San Francisco led on third-and-4 at the end of a four-minute offensive drive, however Moody It also proved effective from 53, so with 1:53 before the end, he got the advantage again (16-19). But that was enough for the Mahomes to get into the opposing end zone and Butker With a field goal, they win in overtime (19-19)!

In the final seconds, the leaders turned around and became a dynasty!

This was the second overtime in Super Bowl history, and interestingly, Kyle Shanahan was also involved in the first, as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons watched the Patriots come back from a 28-3 deficit to win 34.-28.

At the start of overtime, Kittle also fell for the 49ers, but first a defensive foul, then an interception gave Aiyuk another first down on the third attempt, then McCaffrey made very important plays, and the 49ers were already in the red zone. But before the goal area, the goalkeeper stumbled again. Moody His 27-yard kick gave him the advantage (19-22).

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The Chiefs converted fourth-and-1 and third-and-6 to get to the opposite side, then Mahomes ran to the opposing 13-yard line. Hence the question was whether the Californian Guard still had a chance, or whether the translation would come. And three seconds before the end, it was decided, hard man The Chiefs won with his catch (25-22)!

With this, the Kansas City Chiefs became champions for the fourth time and moved past the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants for fifth place in the all-time rankings.

The most valuable player in the match, of course Patrick Mahomest He was selected to the Super Bowl for the third time.

NFL, Playoffs, Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs (3.) – San Francisco 49ers (1.) 25-22 (0–0, 3–10, 10–0, 6–9, 6–3) – after extra time

grades: Jake Moody 55-yard field goal (0-3), Juwan Jennings-Christian McCaffrey 21-yard pass (0-10), Harrison Butker 28-yard field goal (3-10), Harrison Butker 57-yard field goal (6-10), Patrick Mahomes-Marquez Valdes-Scantling, 16-yard TD pass (13-10), Brock Purdy-Juwan Jennings 10-yard pass (13-16), Harrison Butker 24-yard field goal (16-16), Jake Moody field goal 53 yards (16-19), Harrison Butker 29-yard field goal (19-19), Jake Moody 27-yard field goal (19-22), Patrick Mahomes – Mecole Hardman 3-yard TD pass (25-22)

Champion teams in the Super Bowl era

  • 6 – Boston/New England Patriots (6-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)
  • 5 – Dallas Cowboys (5-3), San Francisco 49ers (5-3)
  • 4 – Green Bay Packers (4-1), New York Giants (4-1), Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)
  • 3 – Denver Broncos (3-5), Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders (3-2), Washington Redskins/Football Team/Commanders (3-2)
  • 2 – St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams (2–3), Miami Dolphins (2–3), Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts (2–2), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2–0), Baltimore Ravens (2–0)
  • 1 – Philadelphia Eagles (1–3), Seattle Seahawks (1–2), Chicago Bears (1–1), New Orleans Saints (1–0), New York Jets (1–0)

Most Super Bowl victories are by a quarterback

  • 7 – Tom Brady (7-3)
  • 4 – Terry Bradshaw (4-0), Joe Montana (4-0)
  • 3 – Troy Aikman (3-0), Patrick Mahomes (3-1)
  • 2 – John Elway (2–3), Roger Staubach (2–2), Peyton Manning (2–2), Bob Griese (2–1), Ben Roethlisberger (2–1), Bart Starr (2–0), Jim Plunkett (2–0), Eli Manning (2–0)

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