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Intelligence report: Putin's grand plan has failed

Intelligence report: Putin's grand plan has failed

According to the report

The Russians continue their assault on the key city of Vovchansk, but Ukrainian defenders repel most of the attacks.

From the already occupied village of Bokhrovatka, west of Vovchansk, Russian forces are trying to seize the crossing over the Seversky Donets River, threatening the flanks and rear of the Ukrainian forces defending in Vovchansk itself.

On the Lukyantsi axis, the Russians continue their attacks in the direction of the village of Liptsy, but according to the Ukrainian General Staff report of May 22, no significant results have been achieved.

The British Ministry of Defense reminds us of this Russian President Vladimir Putin The Russian President said on May 17 that Russian forces A buffer zone is created In Kharkiv province.

However, this goal has not yet been achieved.

The Ukrainians managed to stabilize the Kharkiv FrontRussia's territorial acquisitions did not create an area under continuous control.

The intelligence report says that Russian gains will remain limited over the next week. The Russians' initial momentum was checked by Ukrainian resistance.

Volodymyr Zelensky In his video message on Sunday, the Ukrainian president said the Russians were gathering more troops on the border and may be preparing a new attack on Kharkiv province.

Cover photo: Ukrainian soldiers near Vovchansk on May 20, 2024. Kostyantyn Librov/Lipkus/Getty Images

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